“Iran and the Caucasus” scholarships for Persian language courses

Up to $300 five scholarships will be offered by International journal Iran and the Caucasus editorial to participants, whose research interests are in the fields of Iranian linguistics.

The editorial of the International journal “Iran and the Caucasus” is announcing scholarships for qualified students, academics and researchers in Iranian Studies to participate in ASPIRANTUM’s two, three or six weeks winter/summer schools of Persian language. The maximum grant amount will be $300.

Note that preference will be given to those candidates whose research interests are in the field of Iranian linguistics.

Who is eligible?

Students of all levels, academics and researchers in Iranian Studies and related fields from any country of the world wishing to participate in ASPIRANTUM’s summer/winter courses of Persian language can apply for the “Iran and the Caucasus ” scholarship.

Deadline to apply:

Please apply for this scholarship by October 10 for the winter courses and by April 20 for the summer courses.


To apply please send a letter of interest to [email protected] and mention “Scholarship application: Iran and the Caucasus”. In the letter please specify why you are a great candidate to receive this scholarship.

Before applying, please make sure, that you have already applied to one of the ASPIRANTUM’s Persian summer/winter schools here: https://aspirantum.com/topics/persian