Mahboubeh Jelodar
Instructor of Persian Language

Mahboubeh Jelodar profile image

Mahboubeh Jelodar is a scholar with a Master's in Archaeology from the Art University of Isfahan and a Bachelor's degree in history from Arak University in Iran.

Mahboubeh's method of teaching Persian skillfully incorporates arts and crafts, enriching the language with vivid colors, elegance, and flair.

With a profound expertise in history and art history, she is renowned for her passionate approach to Persian language teaching. She utilizes innovative and interactive methods to enhance language proficiency among her students.

Her academic contributions extend beyond the classroom. She has authored numerous articles, focusing primarily on the intriguing facets of the Safavid dynasty, particularly its warfare strategies, armaments, and artistic achievements.

Beyond her scholarly pursuits, Mahboubeh maintains a keen interest in politics and international relations, which add depth and breadth to her intellectual pursuits.