Veronika Mkrtchian
Instructor of Russian Language

Veronika Mkrtchian profile image

As a graduate of Russian history from a top Russian university, the National Research University Higher School of Economics (2015), Veronika conducted focused research into the history of Russian art of the 18th and 19th centuries & Soviet Cinema. After graduation she continued her studies & got a diploma in travel guiding (Moscow, 2016) followed with a getting into the professional training at teaching Russian language to the foreigners (MSU, 2019).

She effectively shares her knowledge of Russia and the Russian language with people from all over the world. These days, she trains professionals from different countries online.

As a skilled teacher of Russian to non-native speakers, her teaching methods suit individual learning styles and needs. Her lessons combine grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills using interactive resources and real-life scenarios. Her goal is to help students become fluent and confident in Russian communication.

With a deep understanding of Russian culture, mentality, and history, Veronika can enhance students' language learning experience by integrating cultural insights. This will help them better understand the context and nuances of the language they are learning. By providing information about the Russian mindset, cultural variables, and communication styles, she can give students a more comprehensive understanding of the language and its cultural implications. Additionally, sharing knowledge about Russian history and traditions will further enrich their learning experience and provide a deeper appreciation for the language and culture.