Testimonial by Alyssa Maria Mathias

PhD Candidate, Ethnomusicology, UCLA, USA

2 weeks 2016 Armenian Language Winter School

I recommend the Armenian Language School to anyone learning Modern Eastern Armenian.

In two weeks, we covered all major grammatical concepts and applied them to speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

For my purpose of learning Armenian for ethnography, the speaking and listening exercises were especially helpful—my improvement in those areas was noted by friends and mentors almost immediately.

Our instructor was superb. She was clear, creative, patient, and supportive, truly going above and beyond to make sure we had the best learning experience possible.

The course was also well organized from an administrative perspective. The application and registration process was clear, and I felt very welcome in Yerevan.

This is a unique and well run course, perfect for anyone hoping to make good progress in a short amount of time.

Other Testimonials.

Natasha Bednarz

Boston College graduate

“This winter school was one of the best, most challenging, and most rewarding language-learning experiences I have had. At the heart of Eastern Armenian program was Sona, the teacher of the course. Besides being a highly skilled instructor, she comes up with creative ways to make the language sink in, and avoids English to make it an immersive environment.”


Yakir Paz

Post-Doc, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

“The intensive winter course I participated in was a great experience not only of learning but also social and cultural. I highly recommend it. During the course we completed an entire overview of Armenian grammar in a very well structured and clear manner.”