Testimonial by Antonio Valentini

University of Bologna, Italy

4 weeks 2022 Persian Language Winter School

I took the Persian winter school to improve my Farsi, a language that I need to pursue my studies in the fields of Modern and Contemporary Iran.
This school has been such a valuable and enjoyable experience! Thanks to my teacher Ani, I’ve improved the whole spectrum of my language skills, and now I am more proficient in translation, writing, listening, etc. Lessons were challenging but funny and full of different activities: what I liked the most and will hardly forget has been learning through movies, but also my attempt to write poetry in Persian will be long lasting in my memory.

I fell In love whit Armenia, too: I loved its landscape, culture, people, and food- and of course, the many links between Armenia and the Persian world. This is also the merit of Khachik, the head of the school, who has been really welcoming and always willing to give me practice suggestions on the various topics about Armenia (cultural and practical, school related or not).

I would suggest this course to anyone willing to improve their proficiency in the Farsi language while having a great time discovering a beautiful and too little-known part of the word!

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