Testimonial by Fabian Hartwell

UK Civil Servant, SOAS Alumni

8 weeks (or 3-7 weeks) 2021 Persian Language Summer School

ASPIRANTUM exceeded my expectations as a language learner, providing me with an amazing opportunity to improve on my Persian language skills. For someone who has mainly learned the language from self-study in my room over the last 18 months during the pandemic, the opportunity for face-to-face classroom instruction was invaluable and I benefited from the extremely well-qualified Persian language instructor, Professor Voskanyan, who has an enormous breadth of experience and an encyclopedic knowledge of, not only Farsi itself but of the history and etymology of the language, the cultural significance of various words and phrases and its interaction with other languages, including English. 

Khachik and the team did a wonderful job, not only of putting together a thoughtful, well-organized, and wide-ranging curriculum but also of making sure that we were comfortable and enjoying a wonderfully vibrant city such as Yerevan, helping us to take full advantage of the city and offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities, such as the day trips to historical and religious sites, wine-tasting and natural beauties such as Lake Sevan. This created an environment that was fun, educational and helped facilitate the friendships that I made during the course and will cherish for a long time. 

I would highly encourage others to take up this course, whether you just want to brush up on your language skills for a few weeks or whether you want a longer exploration of the treasures that the Persian language has to offer. Whether you take the course just for fun, like I did, or for academic, professional, or heritage purposes, you will get a lot from ASPIRANTUM. 

Not only has it enhanced my career prospects, but it has also enhanced my life too! 

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Our Persian language courses are open to anyone with upper elementary or intermediate knowledge of the Persian language. The lectures are organized with the academic interests of our participants in mind. Students as well as researchers working in Iranian Studies and relevant fields will benefit the most from our courses.

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Reilly Barry

AM Candidate in Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, USA

“I have been a part of many study abroad programs, and this has been by far the best I had the pleasure of participating in. I feel I learned the most in ASPIRANTUM’s course because it was so uniquely tailored to the needs of the students, and connected diverse cultures and history into the language instruction, as well as being located in a multicultural, multilingual, and welcoming environment.”

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