Testimonial by Gabriela Radulescu

PhD student, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

3 weeks 2021 Russian Language Summer School

Not only does the ASPIRANTUM Russian language summer course provide high-class teaching, but Yerevan is one of the best places to practice Russian. Armenians are very communicative, and I found myself countless times carried away by interactions and conversations all around Yerevan, practicing Russian with almost no effort. In three weeks, I learned a vast amount of vocabulary, improved my grammar, and gained off-the-beaten-track knowledge about Armenia’s history and culture. The ASPIRANTUM team also has the most up-to-date information on what places and events suit almost any wish one can have! The free-time activities and excursions were a real treat. Whatever you are ready to experience in Armenia in your language summer school, ASPIRANTUM will take it to the next level - be sure of that. 

I had previously participated in several summer schools - all in anthropology - and ASPIRANTUM was a real eye-opening experience. As a gateway to both language and culture, it offered a unique insight into the local human geography and global issues. It is anthropological to a large extent. One of the strengths of the summer school was being able to integrate the interests of participants coming from different backgrounds and with various interests. It masterfully accomplished this task through hospitality, openness, serviceability, and not the least, by cultivating a kind and skillful sense of humor. Communication was very easy at all stages of the program, and I learned not only from the Russian language teachers but also from the Persian language tutors, as well as the other participants in all language courses. 

Due to my ASPIRANTUM experience, I can now confidently speak and read in Russian and carry out my Ph.D. project in the history of Soviet science diplomacy. I felt I had very warm support - way beyond my expectations! I am especially grateful that ASPIRANTUM aided my work by connecting me with other researchers in Armenia. My passion for the history of Soviet Armenia’s astronomy and space research was fully satisfied as I found myself in touch with the right people to share their knowledge and time. I discovered how this history could not be separated from political and social issues. 

Perhaps most importantly, ASPIRANTUM modestly takes on a very brave commitment to support Armenian academic research and teaching through its programs. It is a gift not only to the course participants but to Armenia equally. All in all, I felt welcome both by ASPIRANTUM and Armenians in general. I recommend the ASPIRANTUM courses from the bottom of my heart to anyone seeking to improve their language skills and their humanity. 

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Russian language courses will help participants to become skillful in written and oral modern Russian. During the Russian classes students will read and interpret Russian texts, engage in role plays and travel a lot in Armenia. As a post-Soviet country Armenia is an excellent place to practice Russian.

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Dinara Dunham

University of Oregon, USA

“At my university, I have been participating in taking Russian for a year. A year is a long time, 365 days, and hours and hours of Russian a day. Within three weeks at the ASPIRANTUM school, I have learned more information about the Russian language than I have in an entire year.”

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