Testimonial by Germán Moreno González

Engineer, Spain

2 weeks 2018 Russian Language Winter School

Armenia is a country totally worth the visit. It’s home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and during history has gone through many peculiarities, which make it such an interesting place to discover.

Regarding the Russian Course, I’m very satisfied both at a personal and a professional level.

Personally, the coordinator Khachik, the Russian instructor Irina and the Assistant Instructor Elina have been exceptionally welcoming. Khachik has organized trips to the main Yerevan attractions, visits to museums and meetings, where Russian and Persian course participants gathered, drank and ate exquisite typical Armenian food.

Professionally, all they have been truly concerned about our Russian learning and feedback during the course.

I can say that I have been to many language schools all over the world, and these two weeks in Yerevan have been outstanding. Thank you all!

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Valentina Bernardi

MA student, University of Verona, Italy

“I had the opportunity to improve and deepen my knowledge of Russian language, culture and literature with the help of highly qualified teachers in a friendly environment.”