Testimonial by Jessica Page

MPhil candidate in Modern Middle Eastern Studies, Oxford University, UK

6 weeks 2018 Persian Language Summer School

I cannot recommend the Persian program enough.

Our instructor was extremely dedicated and designed a curriculum that catered to diverse interests and academic goals.  Supplementary readings complimented the textbook and reinforced the grammar and vocabulary we covered.

This program was very challenging, yet flexible enough for postgraduate students who are also doing summer research in Armenia.

The program director was extremely responsive, attentive and helpful in connecting me with local scholars for my research.

I would certainly come back for another summer. 

Other Testimonials.

Oula Alrifai

Master's Candidate at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

“Now six weeks have passed, they were full of daily exciting Persian classes and weekend adventures in the dreamy Armenian nature. Thank you ASPIRANTUM for making my experience unforgettable!”


Simon Conrad

PhD student, Princeton University, USA

“Studying Persian with ASPIRANTUM in Yerevan was a rich experience. I can highly recommend the programme, and would even consider coming again next summer, if advanced level courses in Persian are offered.”