Testimonial by Leonardo De Santis

BA student, Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, Italy

3 weeks 2018 Armenian studies summer school

When I arrived in Yerevan I didn't  know anything about Modern Eastern Armenian (I could only read the alphabet) and I was not sure what to expect, but the summer school staff made Armenia an experience I'll never forget. 

The organizers were very professional and organized fantastic trips that gave us the opportunity to visit a lot of places we would never have visited by ourselves, like ancient churches and monasteries, monumental cemeteries, a Yezidi temple and so on.

Our teacher had a very effective methology and also created activities and grammar exercises that supplemented our exercise book. Thanks to her, my Armenian slightly improved and at the end of the course I was able to speak Armenian during all my everyday activities in Yerevan. Of course, one of the biggest advantages of the summer school is that it takes place in Armenia and, when classes end, one has a lot of opportunities to use the language and have practice with the things he has learnt during the lessons.

To sum up, I am very pleased with this experience and, if I have the opportunity, I'll return again to Yerevan to attend another language summer school with ASPIRANTUM.

Other Testimonials.

Pietro Shakarian

PhD student, Ohio State University, USA

“The ASPIRANTUM Armenian Language Summer School greatly enhanced my Eastern Armenian speaking, reading, and writing skills. We had an excellent group of students in our class from different countries, all of whom balanced their serious academic interest with good wit and humor.”


Salvatore Bellavia

MA student, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, Italy

“I arrived with no knowledge of modern Armenian and at the end of only three weeks I felt able to have some basic conversations and to read fluently a text. I highly suggest to participate in one of these Summer Schools to have a totally new view of what learning a language can be.”