Testimonial by Martin Dixon

MA Student, Oriental Institute, University of Oxford, UK

10 weeks (or 5-9 weeks) 2025 Persian Language Summer School

My experience at the Persian summer language course of Aspirantum filled me with confidence that the financial and time investment was worth it, as I feel I managed to learn a great deal and acquire a lot of useful resources for learning Persian in the future, even though I was only there for four weeks. I really enjoyed the way that the course was structured around everyday cultural elements, politics, and literature, and within this, the way that the days were divided up into time spent reading, listening, speaking, and writing (as part of daily homework assignments). I now feel confident reading, writing, and conversing about the kinds of topics related to politics, history, film, art, and literature, which I engage with on a daily basis in my native language. Although I am, of course, not fluent yet, I think that the last four weeks have helped me build a solid foundation on which to go from intermediate to advanced level. Since finishing the course, I have begun to read a primary source in Persian, which I am not convinced I would have been able to do before, at least not as quickly or comfortably.

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