Testimonial by Monika Manishak

Freelance Translator, Ankara, Turkey

3 weeks 2014 Armenian studies summer school

I have gained a valuable experience throughout Armenian Studies Summer School program with its academically-oriented schedule.

The school has offered a wide range of topics and lectures delivered by distinguished professors.

The cultural events and field trips, on the other hand, were unforgettable and full of great memories.

I highly recommend this program for those who wish to gain a real Armenian experience by exploring the language, history and culture under the discipline of social sciences.

As participants of the summer school, we have built strong and long-term relationships with each other.

It’d be best to describe this as a challenging, yet a rewarding program.

Other Testimonials.

Erin Blankenship

Arabic Program Director, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of South Carolina, MA, Harvard University

“The Armenian Studies Summer School was an experience I won't ever forget. I arrived in Armenia not really knowing anyone and not sure what to expect, but the Summer school staff, professors, and students made Armenia an experience I'll never forget.”


Melanya Hamasyan

BA in Fine Arts, University of California Santa Cruz, USA

“The Armenian Studies Summer school 2014 has been a very exciting and productive experience for me. In the span of three weeks, with the guidance of wonderful professors and lecturers, I was able to soak up a great amount of precious knowledge in the areas of history, language, literature, archeology, art and many more.”