Testimonial by Raymond McCormack

PhD Student, George Washington University, USA

10 weeks (or 4-9 weeks) 2024 Persian Language Summer School

I participated in the two-month-long ASPIRANTUM Persian Language Summer School through a Department of Education FLAS grant. The program allowed me further to develop my Persian language skills at an intermediate-to-advanced level. I hoped to expand my knowledge of Persian in order to apply it in the workplace and to converse with Persian friends. I was not disappointed! Mr. Ruben and Ms. Ani are excellent instructors who worked to meet my individual needs while giving us a solid knowledge base and vocabulary on a wide range of subjects. In addition, the program was structured to expose us to the culture of Yerevan and included a number of weekend trips to beautiful and interesting locations. The program truly feels like a community, and I am overjoyed to have met so many amazing people through it! ASPIRANTUM really is the best way to study Persian as a U.S. citizen.

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Our Persian language courses are open to anyone with upper elementary or intermediate knowledge of the Persian language. The lectures are organized with the academic interests of our participants in mind. Students as well as researchers working in Iranian Studies and relevant fields will benefit the most from our courses.

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