Testimonial by Robert Reasoner

BA student, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

6 weeks 2019 Persian Language Summer School

The ASPIRANTUM Persian Summer School offers two great benefits: a world-class Persian program and an opportunity to experience the cultural and geographical richness of Armenia. The most important component of the program is its outstanding Persian instruction. My instructor, Ani Beyt-Movsess, was an experienced translator and teacher with an outstanding command of both English and Persian. The classes were intensive and substantive, enabling me to make rapid progress in written and spoken Persian. Language instruction was also supplemented by discussions of Iranian history, culture, and politics. Having lived in Iran, Ani provided a valuable perspective that I would have been unable to gain otherwise.

This program is also distinct from other programs because it takes place in Armenia. The many site visits, dinners, and discussions provide students with increased knowledge about this culturally, geographically, and politically significant country. During the site visits, students can experience the stunning landscapes and masterful, historically-significant architecture that Armenia has to offer. The dinners provide students with an understanding of the uniqueness of Armenian food, culture, and humor. I never went hungry on this trip and was always impressed by the quality of the food and the company. Though many features of this trip were very positive, the food nevertheless stands out as one of the highlights from my time in Armenia.

Perhaps most importantly, I made some friends that could last for a lifetime. Studying a difficult language like Persian brings people in contact with people from other countries, cultures, and linguistic and academic backgrounds. This broadens one’s view of the world and, in the end, is a lot of fun. I hope to stay in touch with the ASPIRANTUM family and hold on to my valuable memories in Yerevan for many years to come. The most important aspect of language learning might be the people you meet.

Participants of Persian language summer school 2019 at the class

Participants of Persian language summer school 2019 at the class

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Malachy Mitchnick

BA student, Occidental College, Los Angeles, USA

“After the three weeks, I came away from the program ahead of where I hoped to be and with the confidence of a student who knows that no matter what, he can learn the language.”

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Husamettin Simsir

PhD student, University of Notre Dame, USA

“I participated in the summer school with quite limited knowledge of Persian, however, at the end of the program, I managed to obtain a decent level of reading, speaking, writing and listening skills of Persian.”

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