Testimonial by Thomas Jurczyk

PhD candidate and Research Assistant, Center for Religious Studies (CERES), Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

3 weeks 2016 Armenian Studies Summer School

For me as PhD student of history and religious studies who is interested in early Christianity, the ASPIRANTUM Summer School 2016 was the perfect opportunity to get to know Armenia as well as Armenian culture and language from both a scholarly and a cultural perspective. The almost four weeks lasting summer school provided everything I was looking for: a visit to many of the important historical and contemporary sites of Armenia (in and outside of Yerevan), intensive language classes on Modern Eastern Armenian (6+ hours/day), academic lectures on various topics held by established scholars from the field of Armenian studies, and not least the opportunity to get in touch with other scholars from the field of Armenian/Oriental studies among the participants, organizers, and lecturers.

I can honestly say that the ASPIRANTUM language classes were among the best I have ever attended. As a PhD student of history and religious studies who did only have some basic training in Grabar, the three weeks of the language classes provided the perfect opportunity to acquire a profound insight into Modern Eastern Armenian. Even though I started from zero (with regard to Modern Eastern Armenian), I am now, after the summer school, able to fluidly read simple texts in Modern Eastern Armenian, express myself in basic situations of everyday life, and most important: I have obtained the skills to keep working on Modern Eastern Armenian myself as well as to attend advanced courses of Modern Eastern Armenian in my home university. In sum, the ASPIRANTUM language classes do not only provide the perfect conditions for those who do already have a certain level of Modern Eastern Armenian, but do also enable people who have just started learning the language to advance very quickly. Therefore, I would like to encourage everyone (beginners as well as advanced learners) who is interested in Modern Eastern Armenian to attend the ASPIRANTUM language classes.

The ARMACAD summer school 2016 was a great experience in several respects and I can highly recommend the participation to everybody who is interested in Armenia and Armenian culture (students, scholars, people who are generally interested in Armenia and Armenian culture without an academic background etc.).

Other Testimonials.

John Wynter


“This summer school provides a solid language course with very good instruction and offers some insights into Armenian culture and history. Our teacher, gave us a very thorough tour through the rules of the Armenian language, with lots of diversions to supply interesting vocabulary, use of songs and encouragement to get us speaking. She is an excellent teacher and presented the material very well.”


Pietro Shakarian

PhD student, Ohio State University, USA

“The ASPIRANTUM Armenian Language Summer School greatly enhanced my Eastern Armenian speaking, reading, and writing skills. We had an excellent group of students in our class from different countries, all of whom balanced their serious academic interest with good wit and humor.”