Learn Russian through the Constitution of the Soviet Union Syllabus

Constitution was the supreme law of the USSR. It sets out the fundamental principles by which the state is governed. The language type used in Constitution is called official style (официально-деловой стиль). It has its vocabulary, constructions, phraseology, and syntax. Learning Russian through the USSR Constitution can help you better understand the politics and political context of this time. The course will be interesting to those who want to immerse themselves in a more detailed study of Russian and regional history's linguistic and political context.

Week 1

In the first week of the course “Russian through the Constitution”, we are going to learn the basic principles for reading the text of the USSR Constitution of 1977. The students will discover hundreds of new words, phrases, and essential grammar this week. After finishing the first week, the students will be able to read and understand a considerable part of the USSR Constitution and better deal with the main principles of the structure of the state and the person's position in it.