Testimonial by Alyson Wharton

Lecturer, School of History and Heritage, University of Lincoln, UK

3 weeks 2014 Armenian Studies Summer School

I found the Armenian Studies Summer School a very rewarding experience.

The program was full with classes, trips and activities that enabled me to learn a lot about Armenia’s past and present.

The language classes, which we attended every week-day morning, gave us a basis of knowledge about the genealogy of the Armenian language. The afternoon lectures were informative on a variety of subjects relating to Armenian culture, religion, politics and society.

After class we got to know the city of Yerevan through trips to museums, walking tours and, of course, plenty of eating. The weekends were also full with activities: we visited monasteries, natural wonders, as well as local cultural attractions and sampled different cuisines.

The summer school leaders, Khachik and Gevorg, were always very kind and helpful – and they kept us thoroughly entertained throughout the three weeks.

I would recommend the school to anyone who already has good knowledge of the Armenian language and who would like to spend time in Armenia developing this knowledge through exposure to an extensive program of lectures in Armenian.

The participants will also benefit from learning about varied aspects of culture and society from the perspective of both experts recognized within the Armenian academic environment and speakers from outside.

The intense and well-organized program is ideal for anyone who has a month to spend in Armenia with a strong determination to learn about this culture and society. However, taken less seriously, it can also be an opportunity just to spend time in Armenia, to travel, to attend lectures, to have everything conveniently organized for you, and to make new friends. It can be what you put into it!

As a university professor with work and personal commitments, and with a poor level of Armenian, I found it a struggle to follow the program with the dedication that was required to gain a significant increase in my level of Armenian speaking and comprehension. However, even I, taking part without doing much homework and without being able to understand all of the lecture content, learnt a great deal and made some good friends with whom I intend to stay in close contact.

Professor Hayrapet Margaryan lectures for Armenian studies summer school 2014 participants

Professor Hayrapet Margaryan lectures for Armenian studies summer school 2014 participants

Participants of Armenian Studies summer school 2014 with their certificates

Participants of Armenian Studies summer school 2014 with their certificates

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