Testimonial by Christina Kouna

Master in Orthodox Christian Studies, Hellenic Open University, Greece

3 weeks 2023 Middle Persian (Pahlavi) Online School

I enjoyed the Middle Persian class. Our instructor, Ruben, was doing a great lesson. I never get bored. Most importantly, I learned to read Middle Persian texts and inscriptions. I never thought I would be able to do that in 3 weeks. We learned about the Middle Persian period's history, geography, and literature. Ruben was always there for us to answer any question; he was kind and calm. He has a strong love and knowledge of his field. I learned so many things through this class. One of the best teachers that I ever had. I hope that I will enjoy in the future more lessons. 

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Other Testimonials.

Marc Tipold

PhD Student, University of Potsdam, Germany

“I highly recommend Middle Persian courses to anyone interested in late antique Persian history and culture and Persia in general.”

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Kristof Szitar

PhD in Islam in India, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

“The fact that Armenian has retained a staggering number of Middle Iranian loan words, and Ruben’s ability to masterfully cast light on such historical linguistics contacts, makes ASPIRANTUM the ideal place for studying Middle Persian.”

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Svitlana Oliynyk

National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine

“This course has definitely exceeded all of my expectations. It is very well structured, taught, and supervised; the materials we've been given were perfectly tailored for students to learn as much as possible during the given period of time. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in the history of Iran or the ancient Near East!”

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