Testimonial by Christopher "Carson" Conlon

MA student, University of Oxford, UK

6 weeks 2019 Persian Language Summer School

ASPIRANTUM’s language instruction was first-rate. The Persian language summer school exceeded one’s highest expectations. It was a high honor to study under the distinguished Professor Vardan Voskanian. His mastery of Iranian languages and Armeno-Iranica was truly inspiring, and I am forever grateful for his guidance and encouragement. Professor Voskanian was sensitive to the goals and demands of each student and welcomed everyone in the group. The philological approach was rigorous, demanding, and highly engaging. The curriculum was comprehensive, dynamic, and diverse. The special subject lectures provided world-class commentaries of comparative philology and Indo-European studies. Students improved their knowledge of not only the language but Persian and Armenian history and culture. The readings were stimulating and thoughtfully assigned in a manner which fostered classroom discussion.

ASPIRANTUM’s programming is committed to excellence. This experience was enriched by new friends from ASPIRANTUM and Yerevan State University. Throughout the program, students were fortunate to participate in myriad excursions and visit several historically significant Armenian sites. The various excursions provided a deeper understanding of Armenian history. Our professor was always happy to provide insights and recommendations and served as an excellent ambassador of Armenian’s rich cultural heritage. Yerevan is home to several world-class museums, which were largely within short walking distance of the classroom. These museums became interwoven with the learning experience and served as bridges to our classroom discussions and learning.

I left the program inspired, with a deeper appreciation of the language. The trip also furthered my interest in Armenian history. I would most enthusiastically return for another summer. Studying at ASPIRANTUM was one of the best learning experiences of my student life. The summer school provides an ideal opportunity for the language learning student.

In short, one can not say enough positive things about this outstanding program. I encourage other students with similar interests to come to Armenia and have a world class learning experience.

Vardan Voskanian teaches Persian to summer school 2019 participants

Vardan Voskanian teaches Persian to summer school 2019 participants


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Learning Persian Online - Intermediate Group

Learning Persian Online - Intermediate Group

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