Testimonial by Daniel Wolfe

Undergraduate Student, Georgetown University, USA

8 weeks (or 3-7 weeks) 2021 Persian Language Summer School

ASPIRANTUM was a pleasure of a program to participate in giving me real-world knowledge that I am excited to pursue after receiving my certificate.

I received daily instruction in Farsi as a beginner and now feel that I have both a foundational understanding of the language as well as a desire to continue my Farsi studies at university after gaining second and even first-hand experience with the country’s political situation given the geopolitical location of Armenia. 

The program’s location in Armenia truly enriched my language learning experience because of the many opportunities I had to engage with repatriated Iranian-Armenians as well as Iranian immigrants who added a personal touch to my language practice that I would have totally missed out on at home. Additionally, I am firmly convinced that the program’s location in Armenia – a country with deep historical and cultural ties to Iran— supplemented my understanding of the language in the context of the greater Middle East region, which I consider Armenia to be part of. 

Living in this country gave me such a rich experience from which I even took basic Russian and Armenian phrases —not to mention learning the Armenian alphabet— in addition to having many opportunities to practice Farsi throughout the city, which, as a polyglot, greatly excited me. The program’s course structure further added to my gratitude for having participated as it allowed me to build up my vocabulary each week through in-depth coverage of grammatical exercises and interesting reading passages that forced me to continuously improve my speaking and reading capabilities. 

My teacher’s patience and rich background knowledge made each class an exciting experience that I looked forward to each day and she always provided ample opportunities to practice and improve even without us asking, which I am enormously grateful for. 

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Other Testimonials.

Anwar Omeish

Graduate Student, University of Oxford, UK

“The daily reading, speaking, and listening exercises played a huge role in making me feel more comfortable with Persian overall, and it was a great balance between Persian that is useful for academic contexts and Persian that is useful for more everyday contexts.”

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Fabian Hartwell

UK Civil Servant, SOAS Alumni

“ASPIRANTUM exceeded my expectations as a language learner, providing me with an amazing opportunity to improve on my Persian language skills. I would highly encourage others to take up this course, whether you just want to brush up on your language skills for a few weeks or whether you want a longer exploration of the treasures that the Persian language has to offer.”

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Reilly Barry

AM Candidate in Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, USA

“I have been a part of many study abroad programs, and this has been by far the best I had the pleasure of participating in. I feel I learned the most in ASPIRANTUM’s course because it was so uniquely tailored to the needs of the students, and connected diverse cultures and history into the language instruction, as well as being located in a multicultural, multilingual, and welcoming environment.”

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