Testimonial by Eloise Stevens

Student, University of Oxford, UK

16 weeks 2024 Persian Language Semester Program

Studying at Aspirantum was an extremely enriching experience. Prior to arriving in Armenia I knew very little about the country, its people and its history. However, given the ideal setting of Aspirantum and the fact that Khachik arranged many amazing trips to places of interest throughout the country, allowed us to explore and learn a great deal about Armenia’s culture and history. These opportunities gave me a unique window into both the Armenian and Persian souls, through which I have gained a deeper understanding of their language and people.

Our teachers, Vardan and Ani were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Their style of teaching and the structure of our classes were very clear and our lessons covered such a broad range of topics. We also were able to improve all language skills including writing, speaking and listening. As a class we also covered current global issues and read multiple news articles. Each week we were given a small topic on which we wrote an essay, then at the end of the week we would present these to the class. As time went on we were encouraged to use our notes less and by the end of the semester we were all able to present without many notes quite freely, which was a great improvement for us all. Aspirantum gave me a unique opportunity to gain insight into Persian language, culture and history both inside and out of the classroom. I am very grateful to Khachik and his team for this experience, and I hope to return to Armenia in the future.

As I am studying Russian and Persian, I had the unique opportunity to speak Russian every day in Armenia and Khachik was able to arrange Russian classes for me with Aleona. These classes were not only extremely helpful but also very enjoyable and interactive. Aleona would take us into real life situations to help us improve our conversational Russian, for example, we went to a supermarket together.

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Andrea Amato

PhD student, Foundation for Religious Studies, Italy

“My experience at the ASPIRANTUM Language School has been one of the most important and fruitful of my academic career, not only on a scientific level but also on a human and personal level. The 16 weeks of the intensive Persian courses greatly improved my knowledge of the Persian language.”

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Brant DeMoss

Student, United States Military Academy at West Point

“The Persian Language Semester Program has given me a vast new wealth of knowledge I will keep for the rest of my life. The program has an excellent curriculum that covers everything from ancient Persian empires to the modern Iranian film industry, and there is a topic that everyone will have a particular interest in.”

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Gabriel Ross

Student, University of Oxford, UK

“What makes the 16-week semester course at ASPIRANTUM Language School so great is the sheer depth and range of subjects that you have the opportunity to learn about during your time in Yerevan. Every day is a slightly different topic about Persia or Iran.”

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