Testimonial by Jianyuan Sun

PhD Student, Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University, USA

1 week 2024 Learn Persian through Qabus-Nameh

I participated in the one-week online course "Reading Qabus-nama" at Aspirantum. The instructor of the course, Ruben Nikoghosyan, is a very knowledgeable teacher with excellent mastery over not only New Persian but also Middle Persian. He is able to explain the etymology of Persian vocabulary in their Middle Persian roots to help us memorize cognate Persian words. He is also great at explaining the grammatical irregularities of modern Persian through Middle Persian grammar. His expertise in Iranian linguistics and philology is especially crucial in helping students read early New Persian texts such as Qabus-nama, which retains a large number of Middle Persian vocabulary and syntax. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Persian language and literature.

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