Testimonial by Matthew O'Farrell

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University, Australia

3 weeks 2023 Middle Persian (Pahlavi) Online School

Throughout Aspirantum’s Middle Persian course I was struck by the quality and diligence of the teaching. Ruben, being extremely well versed in both Middle Persian and Classical Persian, was constantly able to highlight the links between the two and in doing so clearly positioned Middle Persian within a continuum of languages. This not only made the texts we studied seem more alive but often made them much more explicable. Equally interesting were the lexical links to Middle Persian and Parthian that he was able to demonstrate in modern Armenian, a reminder of the broader cultural impact of Middle Iranian languages outside of Iran proper.

Both Aspirantum and Ruben were extremely accommodating both logistically and in terms of course materials. They very quickly negotiated a time suitable for a very geographically dispersed group of students and promptly distributed copies of texts and course readings. Moreover, Ruben was always happy to pause and discuss cultural or linguistic points raised by the class. Again, his knowledge in this area is extensive and it was a true pleasure to listen to him speak on subjects about which he obviously cares very deeply. He was also extremely generous with his time.

Aspirantum’s Middle Persian course greatly increased my ability to comprehend this language. It has made me more aware of the context and culture that surrounded it. Finally, it has put me in touch with other researchers in this field. I would recommend it, without reservations, to anyone who is interested in Middle Iranian studies, Zoroastrian studies, or Sasanian history.

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Kristof Szitar

PhD in Islam in India, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

“The fact that Armenian has retained a staggering number of Middle Iranian loan words, and Ruben’s ability to masterfully cast light on such historical linguistics contacts, makes ASPIRANTUM the ideal place for studying Middle Persian.”

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