Testimonial by Michael Reeves

MA student, Georgetown University, USA

6 weeks 2019 Persian Language Summer School

My experience in Yerevan with ASPIRANTUM was uniquely rewarding. One of the reasons for this is Armenia itself, which has a long history that is deeply intertwined with that of its neighbors. For students such as myself, who consider themselves to be interested in one country or region, intensive language study in Armenia will quickly convince you that national borders and regional boundaries are not as clear-cut as they seem at first. In addition to it being a beautiful country to visit, Armenia (and Armenians) challenge fixed categories such as “Caucasian,” “Middle Eastern,” “Arab,” “Eurasian,” and “Eastern European."

Even for those students not interested in regional history or geopolitics, ASPIRANTUM itself offers a great opportunity for intensive language study. My experience with ASPIRANTUM’s Persian language program was memorable because the support offered, the quality of instruction, and the connections I formed with classmates. Although the program is in its first years and this inevitably brings some uncertainty to the curriculum and structure of the program, this same fact meant that I and my classmates were able to shape our own experience. We were frequently solicited for input from Khachik and we were pleased when we saw our thoughts and suggestions implemented the next day in the classroom. Khachik has proven himself able to find professional instructors that have a mastery of their language. In order to get the most out of an experience from ASPIRANTUM I suggest that incoming students seek out any and every opportunity to explore the country and use their target language. Armenia is incredibly safe and welcoming, and for those who look there will be many chances to practice Armenian, Persian, or another language. During my stay in Yerevan I never felt uncomfortable with my situation or afraid to reach out. Khachik worked hard to create a community among students and staff. I never felt like there were any barriers between us and our professors, and I think this fact allowed us to benefit from our time in Armenia.


Vardan Voskanian teaches Persian to summer school 2019 participants

Vardan Voskanian teaches Persian to summer school 2019 participants

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Jeffrey Haines

PhD student, University of Washington, USA

“ASPIRANTUM was a fantastic experience, both because its approach to language learning covered so many angles and because Armenia creates opportunities that are impossible to find elsewhere.”

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Christopher "Carson" Conlon

MA student, University of Oxford, UK

“I left the program inspired, eager for more, and would most happily return for another summer. Studying at ASPIRANTUM was one of the best learning experiences of my student life.”

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