Testimonial by Nancy Ko

MPhil Candidate, Modern Middle Eastern Studies, University of Oxford

2 weeks 2018 Persian Language Winter School

The winter session exceeded all my expectations. Thanks to the determined instruction of Ani Beyt-Movses, I was able to improve my speaking, reading, and writing skills in Persian at a rapid pace. Exploring Yerevan with new friends was a wonderful plus. I highly recommend studying in Yerevan with ASPIRANTUM.

Other Testimonials.

Jeremy Allen

BA student, McGill University, Canada

“My expectations were not just met but vastly exceeded. I would highly recommend ASPIRANTUM’s Persian Language summer school as well as the other language schools organized by them.”


Rachel Cochran

PhD student in History, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA

“The ASPIRANTUM intensive summer program was a wonderful experience because it provided both intensive instruction in Persian and numerous opportunities to travel within Armenia. I highly recommend this summer course.”


Simon Conrad

PhD student, Princeton University, USA

“Studying Persian with ASPIRANTUM in Yerevan was a rich experience. I can highly recommend the programme, and would even consider coming again next summer, if advanced level courses in Persian are offered.”