Testimonial by Rachel Cochran

PhD student in History, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA

6 weeks 2018 Persian Language Summer School

The ASPIRANTUM intensive summer program was a wonderful experience because it provided both intensive instruction in Persian and numerous opportunities to travel within Armenia. I highly recommend this summer course.

The instructor, Leili Vatani is an outstanding teacher and her curriculum drew from a wide variety of material including novels, films, poetry, and news broadcasts. Her enthusiasm and expertise fostered a rich classroom environment that encouraged lively engagement from all students.

In addition, the staff of ASPIRANTUM ran a very organized and well thought out program and they provided excellent in-country support throughout the duration of the course and were always available to assist students. Yerevan is a very lively and walkable city with many lovely outdoor cafes and it was a wonderful place to study.


Other Testimonials.

Bihter Esener

PhD student, Art history, Koc University, Turkey

“Learning Persian language was not limited to in-class exercises because daily homework kept me busy in the afternoon, and even at nights. I even had a dream in Persian language at the end of my sixth week.”


Jessica Page

MPhil candidate in Modern Middle Eastern Studies, Oxford University, UK

“I cannot recommend the Persian program enough. This program was very challenging, yet flexible enough for postgraduate students who are also doing summer research in Armenia. I would certainly come back for another summer.”


Oula Alrifai

Master's Candidate at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

“Now six weeks have passed, they were full of daily exciting Persian classes and weekend adventures in the dreamy Armenian nature. Thank you ASPIRANTUM for making my experience unforgettable!”