Testimonial by Bihter Esener

PhD student, Art history, Koc University, Turkey

6 weeks 2018 Persian Language Summer School

Studying Persian language with our instructor Leili Vatani was a wonderful experience in Yerevan.

Intensive daily courses based on reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises were successful in terms of experiencing an immersion into Persian language. Learning Persian language was not limited to in-class exercises because daily homework kept me busy in the afternoon, and even at nights, in terms of studying Persian language intensively. I even had a dream in Persian language at the end of my sixth week.

Along with intensive Persian language courses, I made good friends during this summer school from both Persian language and Armenian language summer schools. Hanging out with new friends at coffee & croissant breaks, lunch breaks and weekend trips was fun. I could easily say that I made beautiful lifelong friends. 

Learning Persian language in Yerevan was a good opportunity because you can also experience the beautiful culture, art and architecture of Armenia. There are many museums that you can visit in Yerevan in terms of experiencing from ancient to contemporary art in Armenia. Moreover, day trips to beautiful medieval churches will make you experience the rich medieval history of Armenia.  

I would like to thank Leili Vatani, our Persian Language Instructor;  Khachik Gevorgyan, the Director of ASPIRANTUM; and Kristine Vardanyan of ARMACAD.

Other Testimonials.

Moran Fararo

MA student, Mandel School for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

“I participated in the three weeks program of the Persian summer school, and I can say truly that I had a great experience - educational and social. In the weekends we had trips outside of Yerevan to different places in Armenia, and this was really great, also after classes we had sometime different activities like going to museum or a tour in a Brandi factory.”


Christian Petrillo

BA student, University of Pennsylvania, USA

“After three weeks of learning with a great professor, Leili, and getting to know Khachik and the rest of the staff of ASPIRANTUM, I can say that I had one of the most enriching experiences of my life.”


Jessica Page

MPhil candidate in Modern Middle Eastern Studies, Oxford University, UK

“I cannot recommend the Persian program enough. This program was very challenging, yet flexible enough for postgraduate students who are also doing summer research in Armenia. I would certainly come back for another summer.”