Testimonial by Rachel Goshgarian

Associate Professor, Lafayette College, USA

2 weeks 2023 Learn Persian Through the Shahname

Aspirantum's online Shahname course is fantastic!

Ruben is extremely knowledgeable and a careful and thoughtful teacher. He balances perfectly pushing students to work hard and making everyone in the class feel comfortable. The material covered was extensive and Ruben did an excellent job of including contemporary articles as well as giving us opportunities to look at manuscripts together. To spice things up, he also included visits from specialists and created space for online conversations about the materials. I loved this class! I was able to improve my Persian significantly while studying one of the most significant texts of medieval Iran and had fun being a part of the positive online learning community that Ruben created, with ease. I can't say enough positive things about the teaching style of Mr. Ruben Nikoghosyan or about this particular course. You will not be disappointed! 

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Other Testimonials.

Asael Benyami

MA student, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

“As a long time and advanced learner of Persian, I was highly impressed by the quality of the instruction and gained myself much from it.”

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Christopher "Carson" Conlon

MPhil, Islamic Studies and History, University of Oxford, UK

“The Shāhnāma course was a great way to learn Persian by sparing with a classical Persian text. Students left with a better understanding of Firdawsī’s magnum opus (shāhkār) and will never envision the Shāhnāma the same way again.”

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Piotr Szustakiewicz

MA student, University of Warsaw, Poland

“The course ”Learn Persian Through the Shahname” in which I took part in September 2020 was a wonderful experience.”

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