Testimonial by Rasmus Thorsø Nielsen

PhD student, Leiden University, The Netherlands

3 weeks 2019 Armenian language summer school

I joined the 2019 ASPIRANTUM summer school in Eastern Armenian in order to sort out my quite scattered knowledge of the language and obtain a solid basis for actual comprehension, for use in my research. My expectations were high, and yet I was pleasantly surprised. I left the course with a thorough understanding of the grammar, a fundamental vocabulary, and all the resources to build upon it myself.

Classes were intense and the quality of teaching high. The teachers and remaining staff did everything to meet our expectations and wishes. Any minor issues, before and upon arrival, were taken care of promptly. Both as a student and person I felt very welcome and acknowledged.

Outside of classes, the field trips to the various beautiful places in Armenia were very well organized and left me with some unforgettable experiences. It was also great to meet many different people from around the world with a shared interest in learning new languages. 

Yerevan as a city is pleasant, interesting and easy to live in, and thanks to the excellent teaching and the never-failing hospitality of the whole ASPIRANTUM team, I had an overall fantastic experience. I fully recommend the language summer schools to anyone interested.

Rasmus Thorsø Nielsen and Miguel Monteiro learning Armenian in summer school 2019

Rasmus Thorsø Nielsen and Miguel Monteiro learning Armenian in summer school 2019

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Armenian Language courses offer participants to master skills in written and oral modern Eastern Armenian. We also aim at helping students to rapidly deepening their knowledge in colloquial Armenian. Reading and interpreting Armenian texts from different periods may be included in our Armenian curriculum. Before the start of the classes students will receive an online support from our Armenian language instructor.

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Miguel Monteiro

MA student, University of Coimbra, Portugal

“I knew barely no Armenian when I arrived, the alphabet, a vague inkling of the grammar, some words, and by the time I left I was able to understand the logic of most texts I came across, and to become independent in my studies.”

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Anna Mehrabyan

Assistant Editor, Council on Foreign Relations, USA

“ASPIRANTUM’s summer program is one of, if not the, best way to learn Armenian over the summer. The length of the program, the environment, and, most importantly, the quality of teaching made it a productive and educational experience.”

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