Testimonial by Rene Bekius

Researcher, Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands

3 weeks 2015 Armenian Studies Summer School

I was delighted to have participated in ASPIRANTUM's 2015 summer school. It was an excellent idea to test in advance the knowledge of the Armenian language of the participants. In this way the teacher could quickly assess their level.

The three weeks were perfectly organised. During the mornings we had a very inspiring young teacher explaining grammar, based on a wonderful grammar book. Simultaneously the teacher intertwined beautiful poems and songs in her lively lessons. This helped us as students to get accustomed to the rhythm and melody of a new language. Additional lectures by experts in the afternoons provided interesting views on a range of topics: architecture as well as Armenian literature.  Due to the language lessons, to our surprise, we were able to comprehend lectures on modern Armenian poetry.

ASPIRANTUM organised wonderful trips all over the country even to Nagorno Karabagh on request of one of the participants. This combination of language lessons, lectures about the Armenian culture, and visiting beautiful historical places make the summer course a unique event. The lessons and tours also cement warm bonds between the teacher and organisers as well as between students from various nationalities.

I warmly recommend all future students, whether they are beginners or advanced students (in small or bigger groups), to participate in the unique ASPIRANTUM summer school concept. The secret is the set-up of the course being fully immersed in the language and culture of Armenia. Thanks to this approach I overcame my barrier and started to communicate at simple level and picking up conversations. In this way I came closer to understand the beautiful structure and suppleness of the Armenian language as well as a bit closer to the Armenian soul.

Other Testimonials.

Yana Tchekhanovets

Archaeologist, PhD candidate, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

“The participation in the Summer School for Armenian Studies will be remembered as one of my most fruitful and pleasant study experiences. Intense and well organized program, high educational standards, good accommodation, kind and generous attitude, in short – ASPIRANTUM Summer School is highly recommended!”


Simona Reseková

Graduate Student, Department of General History and Department of Romance Studies at Charles University, Prague

“Armenian studies summer school was the experience which made my dream about visiting Armenia and speaking Armenian come true. I already know I will return for sure as I´ve found new inspirations and ideas for my research and now I have even bigger motivation to develop my language skills – maybe in the Winter School this time.”