Testimonial by Yana Tchekhanovets

Archaeologist, PhD candidate, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

3 weeks 2015 Armenian Studies Summer School

The participation in the Summer School for Armenian Studies will be remembered as one of my most fruitful and pleasant study experiences.

To study the language in friendly and helpful environment, with strong and patient teachers is always a great factor of success. But this Summer School was not only the language course: the lectures and other cultural activities were scheduled according to the particular interests of the participants, introducing the most wide range of subjects in various fields of modern research in Armenia, including ancient history and archaeology, classical and modern Armenian literature, ethnography, art and architecture, etc.

During the field trips we learn to know the country and its residents, visiting practically every “must see” site. The voyages were not a simple sightseeing, but rather a deep immersion into the life of Armenia, its past and present.

Intense and well organized program, high educational standards, good accommodation, kind and generous attitude, in short – ASPIRANTUM Summer School is highly recommended!

Other Testimonials.

Rene Bekius

Researcher, Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands

“I warmly recommend all future students, whether they are beginners or advanced students (in small or bigger groups), to participate in the unique ASPIRANTUM summer school concept. The secret is the set-up of the course being fully immersed in the language and culture of Armenia. Thanks to this approach I overcame my barrier and started to communicate at simple level and picking up conversations.”


John Wynter


“This summer school provides a solid language course with very good instruction and offers some insights into Armenian culture and history. Our teacher, gave us a very thorough tour through the rules of the Armenian language, with lots of diversions to supply interesting vocabulary, use of songs and encouragement to get us speaking. She is an excellent teacher and presented the material very well.”