Testimonial by Rohan Kaya

Graduate Student, University of Oxford, UK

2 weeks 2024 Introduction to the Iranian languages

The 'Introduction to Iranian Languages' Online Course with Professors Voskanian and Nikoghosyan was absolutely fantastic - in only two weeks we covered so much ground, learnt a huge amount of both linguistic and historical information and I feel blessed to have learnt from Professor Voskanian's genuine expertise and wisdom in the subject area. We learnt about the evolution of Iranian languages from Proto-Indo-European to the modern-day, thus learning not just about languages themselves, but about the religion, sociology, history, and geography over the course of the past few thousand years, all the while full of interesting facts and relevant material being shared by both tutors.

One brilliant aspect of the course was how Professor Voskanian included us in the discussion and asked about our opinions and thoughts or theories on certain concepts or topics we had studied the day before and was always open to answering questions both during class time and outside of class time. 

I must also point out how amazing Professor Nikoghosyan was in providing us with extra resources outside of the classroom, like dictionaries, grammars, and academic essays on topics included both within and outside of the course syllabus. Furthermore, I was impressed with how flexible our course of learning was; if someone asked a question about a slightly different topic to what we were looking at, both tutors were always happy to take time to explain and answer our question, no matter what it was. 

Professor Voskanian's expertise in this area of research is no less than invaluable, he is a genuine treasure trove of knowledge and matches his expertise with great friendliness and openness to questions and the ideas of others. 

It would be impossible to learn about the Iranian Languages in such a way through just books or academic material, as Professor Voskanian brought the content to life and included the necessary context to help non-linguists and non-academics understand and start to think for themselves about different aspects of the course of study. 

I really cannot thank ASPIRANTUM enough for offering this fantastic course - the foundation of knowledge it offers for further study in this area is invaluable and absolutely worth it without a doubt.

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