Testimonial by Taylor Stone

Undergraduate Student, Portland State University, USA

3 weeks 2022 Old Persian Online School

This class was so much fun and endlessly interesting! I am amazed we were able to go over the whole language and text that Old Persian has to offer. Our teacher, Nshan, was incredibly kind and understanding of our class's various backgrounds and schedules. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about this history and normalizing the texts that we're reading.  

As a person applying to be a Ph.D. candidate, I appreciated the unique opportunity that ASPIRANTUM offered an Old Persian class. In my experience, it is difficult to come across such an opportunity in an affordable and friendly way. I am grateful for my experience in this course and would 100% recommend it to anyone--Persian speakers and non-Persian speakers!

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Our Persian language courses are open to anyone with upper elementary or intermediate knowledge of the Persian language. The lectures are organized with the academic interests of our participants in mind. Students as well as researchers working in Iranian Studies and relevant fields will benefit the most from our courses.

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Other Testimonials.

Gad Barnea

PhD Candidate, Department of Biblical Studies, University of Haifa, Israel

“At the end of the course, I was able to sight-read the inscriptions and parse and analyze the text confidently. This is totally a testament to the high quality of this course and the quality and efficacy of instruction provide by Nshan, who guided us through it.”

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Jake Pawlush

Former Undergraduate Student at the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

“ASPIRANTUM’s Old Persian online course exceeded all my expectations. I am incredibly thankful for ASPIRANTUM for creating this course and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in ancient history, linguistics, or languages in general!”

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Sydney Ward

Undergraduate Student, McGill University, Canada

“I left the course not only with a working grasp of Old Persian but also with a heightened awareness of aspects such as the royal ideology, religious, and geopolitical context around the time of the writing of these inscriptions in the Achaemenid Empire.”

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