Testimonial by Willem de Mol van Otterloo

Student, Cambridge University, UK

10 weeks (or 5-9 weeks) 2025 Russian Language Summer School

Engaging, structured, and rewarding: in these three words, I would condense my experience of ASPIRANTUM’s Russian language summer course. Each week was tailored to a different lexical field within the Russian language, ensuring a holistic approach to language learning. Accompanying a set structure was excellent teaching, which duly indicated the weakest points in my Russian and then succeeded in helping me improve on them. The teaching environment was open and comfortable, which allowed one to not only debate in the target language but chatter and laugh, too.

Besides the language learning itself, ASPIRANTUM stands out for its cultural activities. Almost every weekend, we would go on an excursion to a site of cultural heritage or natural beauty. The trip to Lake Kari and Ambert Fortress is particularly fresh in my mind. It was over the lunches of these trips that you really fraternized with your comrades, leading to a strong sense of community.

In short, I am satisfied with my experience at Aspirantum.

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Russian language courses will help participants to become skillful in written and oral modern Russian. During the Russian classes students will read and interpret Russian texts, engage in role plays and travel a lot in Armenia. As a post-Soviet country Armenia is an excellent place to practice Russian.

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