Old Slavonic Online Course Syllabus

This three-week intensive course is an introduction to the Old Slavonic language. Students will complete fragments of different Old Slavonic manuscripts: Savva’s book, The Codex Suprasliensis, The Enina Apostle, Hilandar Fragments, Zograph fragments, Undolski fragments, Novgorod Codex, Ostromir Gospels, Evangelium Dobromiri, Miroslav Gospel and some others old texts. Thus, this course will give students not only a familiarity with the grammar of Old Slavonic but also with the corpus of Old Slavonic texts primarily from the X-XI centuries.

Old Slavonic Online School
from Nov 06, 2023 to Nov 24, 2023
3 weeks

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Week 1 - Phonetics, Grammar and Texts

Week 1 of the course will essentially be an introduction to the grammar, script, and corpus of Old Slavonic. We will also begin reading texts in old Slavonic.