Testimonial by Annabel Baldwinson

Student, Australian National University, Australia

10 weeks (or 4-9 weeks) 2024 Russian Language Summer School

My experience with ASPIRANTUM’s Russian Language Summer School Program school has been truly exceptional and has significantly enriched my language learning journey.

From the moment I stepped into the classroom with Alyona, I was greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which immediately put me at ease. Khachik and Alyona are not only highly professional and experienced but also incredibly passionate about teaching the Russian language. Their dedication to fostering a supportive learning environment is truly commendable.

The curriculum offered by the school is comprehensive and well-structured. It caters to various proficiency levels, ensuring that both beginners and more advanced learners can find suitable courses and enjoy their studies. The classes are engaging and interactive, with a perfect balance between theory, practice, and real-life application. The use of authentic materials and cultural insights adds a unique dimension to the learning process, allowing me to grasp not only the language but also the rich Russian culture.

What sets this Russian language school apart is its commitment to individualized attention. The class sizes are kept small, enabling the instructors to provide personalized feedback and address each student's specific needs. This personalized approach has immensely boosted my confidence in using the language in real-world situations.

The school's location in Armenia adds an extra layer of charm to the experience. The fusion of Russian language learning with the local Armenian culture creates a truly immersive experience that goes beyond the classroom. I have especially enjoyed the fortnightly excursions organized by Khachik, which enabled our class to see everything that Yerevan and Armenia have to offer.

I am beyond grateful for the progress I've made in my Russian language skills since joining ASPIRANTUM’s Russian Summer School. Whether you aim to enhance your career prospects, connect with Russian speakers, or explore a new language and culture, I wholeheartedly recommend this Russian language school in Armenia. It's a place where learning flourishes, friendships thrive, and linguistic goals become reality. My journey with ASPIRANTUM has been nothing short of transformative, and I eagerly look forward to continuing my studies.

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Russian language courses will help participants to become skillful in written and oral modern Russian. During the Russian classes students will read and interpret Russian texts, engage in role plays and travel a lot in Armenia. As a post-Soviet country Armenia is an excellent place to practice Russian.

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