Testimonial by Benjamin Mason

MA Student, International Relations and Russian Studies, University of Melbourne, Australia

8 weeks (or 4-7 weeks) 2023 Russian Language Winter School

I'm Ben and I was a participant in Aspirantum winter program for Russian. The program at Aspirantum is immersive, rigorous, and, above all, enjoyable. When I first arrived, I was not a confident speaker of Russian, having learned the language exclusively in the context of textbooks and classrooms. With the support of my excellent teacher Alyona, my conversational Russian developed substantially. Classes are comprehensive and cover every aspect of the language. I particularly noticed rapid improvements in my listening and speaking as classes assume a conversational form and participation forces you to speak and understand Russian. Now, I feel confident walking into stores and restaurants or interacting with native speakers in organic settings. Aspirantum also offers wonderful opportunities to immerse yourself in Armenian culture and Khachik and everyone at the school go out of their way to make you feel welcome and organise incredible weekend excursions. As a result, the experience is not only educational but collegial as well as you build close ties with your classmates and sample the warmth and hospitality of Armenia itself. I would unequivocally recommend Aspirantum to anyone considering intensive immersion in the Russian language, as the school offers outstanding instruction and superb organization in a great city where you're guaranteed to enjoy yourself. 

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Russian language courses will help participants to become skillful in written and oral modern Russian. During the Russian classes students will read and interpret Russian texts, engage in role plays and travel a lot in Armenia. As a post-Soviet country Armenia is an excellent place to practice Russian.

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Other Testimonials.

Ecem Saricayir

PhD Student, Cornell University, USA

“This intensive program improved my language skills and provided fantastic excursions that added an entirely new dimension to my learning journey in Armenia. It was a special learning experience for me since I was in a class with peers with similar skills for the first time in my journey of learning the Russian language.”

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Peter Cooper

IT specialist, Netherlands

“My vocabulary increased enormously, grammatical issues were resolved and my pronunciation improved significantly.”

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Germán Moreno González

Engineer, Spain

“I am very satisfied both at a personal and a professional level. I have been to many language schools all over the world, and these two weeks in Yerevan have been outstanding.”

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