Testimonial by Chihiro Taguchi

Student, Department of Political Science, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

3 weeks 2016 Armenian Studies Summer School

In my three weeks in 2016 Armenian studies summer school I spent unforgettable time.

The program contained Armenian language classes, lectures about Armenian culture and history from various point of view, and tours to regions in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Armenian language classes were the best language classes I have taken and I could enjoy having conversations with Armenians in Armenian at the end of the program. Lectures covered a large range around Armenian studies, and although most of them were out of my main interest, each of them was inspiring and they enlarged my academic interests.

Regarding the tours, I am fond of them personally, because I could enjoy Armenian cuisine and astonishing nature of Armenia, and got acquainted many warm people. Through this program not only I could deepen my knowledge around Armenian studies and the language, but enjoy the stay and the learning, and became more curious than ever about learning new things.

Also, during the stay I made good friends, to whom I promised to see them again. This program was of course academically inspiring and provided the high quality language classes, but moreover I am sure that it strongly influenced my life. As a multi-language learner, the Armenian language classes were the best of the classes I have taken so far. In class we learned vocabulary and grammar, and practiced each of speaking, listening, writing and reading. The class consisted of both learner at intermediate level of Armenian and learner at elementary level, and everyone realized progress in their Armenian.

Personally during the program I realized my Armenian was improving day by day. Also my Armenian teacher corrected my essays in Armenian every day, and this helped me a lot in writing.

After this program I enjoyed spending several days in Yerevan having conversations in Armenian with my Armenian friends and salesclerks.

Other Testimonials.

Thomas Jurczyk

PhD candidate and Research Assistant, Center for Religious Studies (CERES), Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

“I can honestly say that the ASPIRANTUM language classes were among the best I have ever attended. The three weeks of the language classes provided the perfect opportunity to acquire a profound insight into Modern Eastern Armenian. I would like to encourage everyone (beginners as well as advanced learners) who is interested in Modern Eastern Armenian to attend the ASPIRANTUM language classes.”


Nicholas Matheou

PhD Candidate, University of Oxford, UK

“My experience on the Armenian Studies Summer School 2016 was absolutely unforgettable. With a flexible lesson structure, lecture series and timetable I was able to tailor the course around my needs and interests, and came away with a thorough knowledge of the Armenian language as well as a much deeper understanding of the region’s ancient, medieval, and modern history and culture.”