Testimonial by Gwennan Higham

Faculty Member, Swansea University, UK

3 weeks 2019 Persian Language Summer School

I spent 4 weeks at the Persian Language School in Yerevan.

The course met and exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I’m so happy to able to have gone from a very basic Persian knowledge to be able to communicate fluidly in many situations and to have a much better reading and writing competence.

There was a lot of focus on grammar but also enough opportunity to practice reading, writing and of course speaking.

I’m thankful to my Persian teacher for all the support and the fun we had in the classroom.

The wider experience in Armenia was also really interesting.

I had a really positive experience with my accommodation and there was a lot of interesting events going on and places to keep everyone occupied in the evenings.

I would definitely recommend this course who is looking for an intensive Persian language course over the summer.

Participants of Persian language summer school 2019 at the class

Participants of Persian language summer school 2019 at the class

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