Testimonial by Jakub Osiecki

Post-Doc, Jagiellonian University, Poland

3 weeks 2019 Armenian Language Winter School

I have to admitt frankly that I am really suprised how the language course is organized.

Moreover the teaching program and teacher (Lilit) were professional on one hand but also very flexible on the other. I was coming to Yerevan for this course with my own goal - to become "independent” translator. My aim was not to just build the vocabulary - I could do it on my own. I wanted to get familiar with the soul of the language, so idea for me was not only to undestand the Armenian people, but to feel the language they speak.

After this course I am much closer to comlete this academic mission.

I can honestly recommend this language school to all students and researchers.

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Armenian Language courses offer participants to master skills in written and oral modern Eastern Armenian. We also aim at helping students to rapidly deepening their knowledge in colloquial Armenian. Reading and interpreting Armenian texts from different periods may be included in our Armenian curriculum. Before the start of the classes students will receive an online support from our Armenian language instructor.

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Other Testimonials.

Alyssa Maria Mathias

PhD Candidate, Ethnomusicology, UCLA, USA

“This is a unique and well run course, perfect for anyone hoping to make good progress in a short amount of time. I recommend the Armenian Language School to anyone learning Modern Eastern Armenian.”

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Rachel Dryden

PhD student, University of Cambridge, UK

“The language course and trip to Armenia far exceeded my expectations in every way. By the end of the course I had achieved more than I had expected and feel well-prepared to continue with self-study, until such time as I am able to attend another course, which I very much hope I will be able to do at some point.”

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Yakir Paz

Post-Doc, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

“The intensive winter course I participated in was a great experience not only of learning but also social and cultural. I highly recommend it. During the course we completed an entire overview of Armenian grammar in a very well structured and clear manner.”

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