Testimonial by Neda Darabian

PhD Candidate, Centre for Religious Studies, Bochum, Germany

9 weeks 2021 Classical Armenian (Grabar) Online School

My experience with Classical Armenian in the Armenian Language School has been really rewarding. Ani has the power to simplify the most confusing grammar points and at the same time make you enjoy every moment of the course. I have learned a lot in a short amount of time and I absolutely recommend this course to anyone, who is like me, eager to read sources from classical Armenian in Grabar! 

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Armenian Language courses offer participants to master skills in written and oral modern Eastern Armenian. We also aim at helping students to rapidly deepening their knowledge in colloquial Armenian. Reading and interpreting Armenian texts from different periods may be included in our Armenian curriculum. Before the start of the classes students will receive an online support from our Armenian language instructor.

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Other Testimonials.

Michail Kitsos

Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Toronto

“This class was a blast and so beneficial! Our Instructor, Dr. Ani Shahnazaryan, not only is extremely knowledgeable of Classical and Middle Armenian, but her teaching methodology is superb.”

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Pelin Kalafatoğlu İslamoğlu

PhD Student in Art History, Koç University

“Our wonderful teacher Ani arranged the lessons in such a way that we would learn effectively, practice the grammar rules and vocabulary often, and work on translations that were appropriate for each lesson.”

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