Testimonial by Patrick McCue

Master in International Relations, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, USA

10 weeks (or 5-9 weeks) 2025 Persian Language Summer School

ASPIRANTUM’s Persian summer language course is a program that challenges you and pays off with great rewards. The unique opportunity for expert language instruction and immersion in the fascinating Caucasus region is one that shouldn’t be turned down. With Yerevan’s rich history, the helpful teachers both willing and able to compellingly teach its story, and the weekend excursions through Armenia, you leave the program with a new level of appreciation and knowledge for the Persian language, the history of the region, and the culture of Armenia.  

The curriculum of the language program pushes you to grow, and by the end, you will be impressed with your progress and the wide range of topics you’ve studied. There are accessible online resources that make the seemingly intense content more approachable, and if that is wanting, then either Ruben or Professor Voskanian are very approachable for help. 

You build strong personal connections with your classmates from the intensive schedule, and through nights out in Yerevan and trips to different parts of Armenia, these are reinforced into lasting bonds. ASPIRANTUM’s summer program is an academic, social, and cultural experience that I would certainly recommend.  

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Our Persian language courses are open to anyone with upper elementary or intermediate knowledge of the Persian language. The lectures are organized with the academic interests of our participants in mind. Students as well as researchers working in Iranian Studies and relevant fields will benefit the most from our courses.

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Other Testimonials.

Eugenia Flores

Student, SOAS, UK

“Overall, the entire team was immensely kind and competent. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their Farsi skills.”

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Max Ibrahimi

MA in Migration and Diaspora Studies with Persian, SOAS, UK

“With a new topic each week and classes every day, new students will find their vocabularies subconsciously expanding at a surprising pace. I highly recommend this course to Persian language students of all levels.”

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Rudabeh Gray

Student, SOAS, UK

“Being in his class was an outstanding academic experience, and the summer course we took at Aspirantum will always be a huge part of my journey in learning Farsi.”

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