Testimonial by Xiaochuan Yu

MA in Development Studies, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Switzerland

10 weeks (or 5-9 weeks) 2025 Russian Language Summer School

Because of ASPIRANTUM, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in an 8-week Russian program in Yerevan, and I can confidently say that it has been a transformative experience. 

The instructor was nothing short of exceptional. Her deep knowledge of the language, combined with their passion for teaching, made each class engaging and enjoyable. The curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of the students, ensuring that we progress at a comfortable pace while also challenging us to reach new heights. What truly sets this program apart is its immersive approach. Beyond just teaching grammar and vocabulary, it immersed us in the Russian culture, enabling us to appreciate the language on a deeper level. Every aspect of the program was designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of the language and its context.

In just eight weeks, I witnessed an incredible transformation in my ability to speak, read, and comprehend Russian. I am now able to have meaningful conversations and navigate real-life situations more confidently. This program has not only equipped me with valuable skills but has also broadened my horizons by allowing me to connect with Russian-speaking individuals on a personal and cultural level.

I highly recommend this 8-week Russian program to anyone looking to embark on a rewarding language-learning journey.

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Russian language courses will help participants to become skillful in written and oral modern Russian. During the Russian classes students will read and interpret Russian texts, engage in role plays and travel a lot in Armenia. As a post-Soviet country Armenia is an excellent place to practice Russian.

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