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4, 6 or 8 weeks, from Jul 05, 2021 to Aug 27, 2021

Online from Yerevan, Armenia

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Armenian School of Languages and Cultures - ASPIRANTUM is organizing its third online Persian language summer school. The 4, 6, or 8 weeks Persian language summer school will start on July 5, 2021, and will last till July 30 (4 weeks), August 13 (6 weeks), August 27 (8 weeks), 2021.

Our first online Persian summer school started on July 6, 2020, and lasted till July 24, 2020. It had 17 participants - 9 participants in the intermediate group and 8 participants in the upper elementary group. Our second online Persian summer school started on August 10, 2020, and lasted till August 28, 2020. It had 5 participants - 3 participants in the intermediate group and 2 participants in the upper elementary group. During the last year, we have also organized online courses on Shahname, Masnavi, Middle Persian, and Old Persian. You may find the syllabi of each program here: 

The testimonials of ASPIRANTUM Persian language summer and winter school alumni are available here: you may also watch this video about our Persian classes in Yerevan

2021 Persian language 4, 6, 8 weeks' summer school will help the participants to master skills in written and oral modern Persian, to read and interpret Persian texts from different periods as well as rapidly deepen their knowledge in colloquial Persian.

The Persian language summer school offers 80 (4 weeks), 120 (6 weeks), 160 (8 weeks) hours of intensive Persian language classes during 15, 25, 35 days of teaching (from Monday till Friday each week). Every day the participants will receive Persian language instruction for 3-4 hours (depends on the number of students involved in each group). 

You may check the syllabus of the intermediate Persian group and the syllabus of the upper elementary group will be published on the website soon. 

The online class will start every working day 9 pm Yerevan time.

The price:

The price of the 4 weeks Persian language online summer school will be $2400 for those who have received funding, $2000 for those who have no funding.
The price of the 6 weeks Persian language online summer school will be $3600 for those who have received funding, $3000 for those who have no funding.
The price of the 8 weeks Persian language online summer school will be $4800 for those who have received funding, $4000 for those who have no funding.

If interested please fill in the application form below.  


Please apply to ASPIRANTUM's third online Persian course by May 5, 2021, at the latest.

If you apply and make the payment by April 21, 2021, you will also receive a 5% discount.

In the other information field please mention also in which group you want to learn Persian (upper elementary or intermediate) and about your scholarship status.

After you apply you will receive an online payment link to make the payment.

We ensure you, that all our team members will do whatever is possible to offer you the best learning experience.

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  • “I appreciate this experience, and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to utilize his Persian skills by learning from the best while having a great time. Looking forward to attending next year’s Summer school in Yerevan in person.”
    Dafna Messing
    MA student, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel
  • “I greatly benefited from this course and my level of Persian improved rapidly. I would definitely recommend this course and I hope to attend next year’s Persian Summer School in Yerevan in person!”
    Nadine Lützelschwab
    Graduate Student, University of Oxford, UK
  • “My language skills improved quickly over 3 weeks and I cannot wait to go to Armenia in person for future courses.”
    Shutong Liu
    Graduate Student, University of Oxford, UK
  • “Hands down this has been the best online language learning experience I’ve had so far. Strongly recommend to anyone hoping to boost their Persian.”
    Sulayman Ha
    Haverford College, USA
  • “I improved my Persian level quickly and significantly and learned a lot about Iran and about Persian language. I'm already looking forward to attend next year’s Persian Summer School in Yerevan.”
    Tal Brokman
    BA student, Ben Gurion University, Israel


Ani Beyt-Movsess profile image

Ani Beyt-Movsess

Instructor of Persian Language

Ani Beyt-Movsess is teaching Persian with passion, enthusiasm and love.

Ruben Nikoghosyan profile image

Ruben Nikoghosyan

Instructor of Persian Language

Mr. Nikoghosyan has read the Shahname not only in Persian but also has carefully studied the Armenian, Russian, English and German translations of this masterpiece. He knows the history of every single word in Shahname and is going to share his knowledge with students in an impressive manner.

Vardan Voskanian profile image

Vardan Voskanian

Instructor of Persian Language

Vardan Voskanian has 22 years’ experience of teaching Persian to foreign students in an unforgettable way.

Course Syllabus

Intermediate Persian Syllabus

Each day’s lesson is a combination of grammar, reading, listening, conversation, drills and exercises. Reading includes various types of materials, from standard and media texts to modern and classical literature, poetry and prose. As a requirement of an intensive course, students are highly recommended to prepare ahead for each coming lesson—review the grammar, read the material(s) for the following lesson and do the homework: composition, listening to the audios, watching the videos and some exercises to optimize their contribution in the class and speed up their pace of learning.

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Learn Persian through the Shahname Syllabus

The course is about two tightly related things, Shahnameh, the epic book of Firdawsi, and the Persian language. It is designed to serve as an introduction to the rich linguistic, historical, mythological and cultural background of this bulky masterpiece of classical Persian literature. The main goal of the course consists in serving as a means for advancing and improving the participants' knowledge of Persian (classical and modern), as the conversations and discussions will be conducted in Persian and students' use of the Persian language will be encouraged. Each day’s lesson will include intense readings in Shahnameh, accompanied with grammatical, lexical, stylistic and etymological explanations of the difficult passages and words. Every day students will be given new assignments and will participate in discussions of various homework articles about the Shahnameh.

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After you fill in all fields and press the APPLY button you will receive an email with the copy of your application, which will confirm, that we have received your application. If you do not receive the mentioned email with the copy of your application form within 20 minutes please send an email to us at [email protected]

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