Testimonial by Matt Gooder

BA student, University of Oxford, UK

8 weeks (or 3-7 weeks) 2021 Persian Language Summer School

I really enjoyed my time at the Aspirantum summer school. The school director, Khachik, is an amazing person - very personable, helpful, and always up for a good time. He’s available almost 24/7 and always meets everyone’s personal needs. 

The weekend trips the school organizes are really fun and take you all over Armenia. 

My teacher Voskanian is a fantastic teacher; he is very kind, patient and really wants his students to learn. He especially helped me to expand my vocabulary and understand the etymology of words, as well as providing fascinating historical and anecdotal stories, really bringing the language to life. 

I was also fortunate enough to work with Ani, another brilliant and lovely teacher who helped me immensely with my speaking and grammar, which she teaches so well. 

And last but not least, Ruben, who was always available for extra-curricular lessons and helped me to understand Ferdowsi’s masterpiece, the Shahname. 

All the classes were simultaneously very laidback and very rigorous; I couldn’t recommend Aspirantum more to anyone who wants to improve their Persian.

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