The Most Popular Armenian News and Media Outlets

Dec 12, 2019 in Armenian Language

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If you are coming to Armenia you will want to be informed on the latest current events. Luckily, there are a few great sources with consistent coverage on political or cultural pressing topics. Those doing ASPIRANTUM language classes in Armenian or Russian, will be able to practice their skills by reading the news and staying informed about the country they are in. 

If you want to impress locals with your knowledge and interest, don’t forget to like the facebook pages or download the apps to stay even more informed! Whether you’re in Armenia for a long time or not, there is plenty to learn about its changing politics, vibrant culture, and fast-paced current events. 

Armenpress: The oldest Armenian news agency

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Languages: Armenian, English, Russian, French and Arabic 

Armenpress was founded in 1918 and is the oldest news publication and is also the Armenian State news agency. Its current online platform provides breaking news coverage of Armenian current events, as well as reportage on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and world news. 

Armradio։ Take a break from reading and practice your Armenian listening with Armenian radio news

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Languages: Armenian, Russian, English, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Kurdish, Farsi, Greek, Arabic, Yezidi, Atouraye (written) 

Just looking at the list of languages tells you how extensive Armradio is. Established in 1926, Armenian Public Radio is one of the largest broadcasters in Armenia and has three national channels. You can also read articles about current events in several different languages, world news and there is an enormous range of radio segments available to listen online, along with its live stream which is in Armenian. Beyond just Armenian news 

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Languages: Armenian, Russian, English and Turkish but primary language is Armenian 

If you are looking for a credible news outlet, but are also interested in other types of media, is perfect for you. 

Beyond just News

You will also find a ‘Sports,’ ‘Medicine’ and a ‘Style’ section where you can get a break from the usual current events and indulge in something different. Armenian News from Armenia 

Facebook || Youtube

Languages: Russian, English and Armenian 

For an innovative news paper that provides the latest Armenian current events, read They also offer articles on a variety of topics such as medicine, sports and lifestyle and video reportage. A popular outlet for World news and daily Armenian news

Facebook || YouTube

Languages: Armenian and Russian

Here you will find one of Armenia’s most popular news outlets that also provides 12 hours of live broadcast daily news, analyses and interviews. They also have sections with articles that cover society, foreign policy, sports and more--the articles are updated every day. 

Diasporan Armenian news coverage

Not only can you read news about the Caucasus, but also the diaspora and world news!

Azatutyun: Simple and Informative News 

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Languages: Armenian, Russian and English

It specializes in providing the most up to date and straight forward breaking news in a wide range of topics. It is also one of the few Armenian media outlets with an excellent English-written section.

Freedom TV 

For more analytical journalism, go to Azatutyun’s Freedom TV section. Here, you will find video segments that report on all kinds of breaking news topics. An all-encompassing Armenian media outlet

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Languages: Primarily Armenian with some reports in English and Russian provides extensive coverage of a wide variety of topics through its multiple sections and videos you can stream online. 

Armenian News coverage 

Their primary purpose is to provide straightforward breaking news every day. Typically about politics, even has a live newsfeed timeline of current events that is constantly being updated. They also broadcast live news in Armenian on their website, so you can tune in whenever you want! 

Everything else you need to stay in the loop

Here you will also find everything from analyses pieces on business and economy or tips on how to stay healthy, to science and technology, culture and entertainment, education and sports. 

Mediamax: unique Armenian content 

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Languages: Armenian with some reports in Russian and English

This is essentially a news ‘project’ which was launched in order to provide a portal of unique news, analysis and exclusive interviews. You will notice that the headlines are quite intriguing and take an interesting angel. 

Exclusive content

Aside from interviews with high profile people, they cooperate with local and foreign authors, and can publish licensed foreign content by world famous economists and political scientists. 

Civil Net: analytical live news from Armenia

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Languages: Armenian with some reports in English  

Civil Net reports on a range of topics that are relevant to Armenia’s latest politics and society. 

Offering Different Sections and Topics

Whatever your interests are, Civil Net might have exactly what you’re looking for. They have sections that cover Armenian politics, economy, society, and news about its neighbors in the region. 

Civil Net also offers special report videos from their very own staff that delve into a variety of important issues from an analytical point of view. Armenian news website 


Languages: Armenian with some reports in English and Russian

Lragir mainly focuses on political news and analyses with interviews and comments sections. They also have photo reports and a section called ‘peace talks’ which makes them another interesting source for current events. straightforward and comprehensive Armenian news

Facebook || Twitter || Youtube

Languages: Armenian Russian and English

With A1 plus you can read news and coverage on culture, economy, sports, society, and business. They also have interviews, a ‘voting’ section that covers politics and elections, and extensive video coverage. Get the full scope of Armenian news


Languages: Armenian, English Russian, but primary language is Armenian 

Panorama is predominantly a news outlet and its articles are relatively straightforward providing the most relevant information in a way that is comprehensive. 

Important News and News of the Day 

Already on the homepage, you will see a list of headlines that either fall under ‘important news’ or ‘news of the day.’ The site is designed for those eager for up to date information. They also cover a variety of different topics, opinion pieces and exclusive interviews. Going a Level Deeper

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Languages: Armenian with some reports in English and Russian 

Aravot is doesn’t just report on politics, but analyses many aspects of Armenian life. The newspaper is also printed and can be found in news stands throughout Yerevan.

Armlur: Armenian newspaper–online and print 

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Languages: Armenian

Armlur is an online and printed daily newspaper (Zhoghovurd) that delivers news and current events--they also have a horoscope and weather forecast! where Pashinyan’s career began 

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Languages: Armenian and Russian

Armetimes is online but also has a daily print newspaper called Haykakan Zhamanak (Armenian Times). Armenia’s current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was the editor-in-chief of this newspaper for a long time, and it became one of Armenia’s top newspapers. You will find news and analyses on all Armenian current events. Political Armenian news for the Caucasus and the Diaspora

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Languages: Armenian and some reports in Russian 

Yerkir offers television news, a weekly printed newspaper and a very extensive online news platform. It is affiliated with Armenian Revolutionary Federation political party, but remains relatively impartial. 

Not just for Armenia

They distribute their newspaper around the Caucasus and in the diaspora, and many large libraries around the world carry collections of this paper. Among the many sections, they are unique in that they have an Artsakh section, ‘voice of the diaspora,’ and literature. Daily Armenian newspaper and online news

Facebook || Youtube

Languages: Armenian 

Aside from its daily printed newspaper available around Yerevan and Armenia, Hraparak offers an in-depth online newspaper with photo and video reportage, as well as exclusive content. It is one of the most widely read newspapers in Armenia since its founding in 2008. Armenian News and more


Languages: Russian, Armenian and English

Pan Armenian News is another popular news outlet for Armenians. It has a good English section, and is also a well known photo agency. They offer a newsfeed with the most current breaking news in Armenia, and they also cover international news and foreign policy related to Armenia. You can find other sections as well, such as entertainment news, analyses and IT news. 

EVN Report: Read analytical long-form journalism

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Languages: English with some reports in Armenian

EVN Report is not a news magazine, but it dives into different issues and topics in Armenia and goes one level below the surface. They also have an extensive podcast section with ‘week in review’, documentary podcasts and interviews. They also publish white papers that provide thorough research on particular topics, videos and photo stories. 

Hetq: for investigative journalism

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Languages: Armenian with some reports in English and Russian

Hetq is one of the only sources for investigative journalism in Armenia. It addresses all kinds of topics through an investigative lens to provide the most exclusive information on Armenia’s scandals and controversial current events. 

Comprehensive and Diverse 

You can find pieces on everything from corruption, science, technology, trafficking, sports economy and more. They also focus on social justice and political stories as well as news in the different provinces and the diaspora. Dive into all things Yerevan


Languages: Armenian only 

Yerevan Magazine is a print magazine available all around Yerevan. It also has a corresponding online blog with all its published articles. This magazine is not a news outlet, it is an analytical feature magazine and provides an alternative and intricate view of the city that the news outlets do not. 

Telling real stories from Armenia’s Capital 

What makes Yerevan Magazine special is that it focuses on the untold stories. Their interviews with individuals speak on all kinds of aspects of Armenian life that you won’t find in the mainstream news. 

Something different for Armenia

While Yerevan Magazine is known for its aesthetic print magazine with interesting graphic design and layouts, it is also a very unique form of journalism for Armenia. The magazine comes out every month and is available in locations all around the city such as Crumbs cafe, Ucomm shops, Zangakh bookstore and Art Bridge. Armenian Legal news

Facebook || Youtube

Languages: English and Armenian 

Iravaban is one of the few Armenian newspapers that focuses on the field of law, contemporary law culture and anti-corruption policies and activities. They publish investigations, scientific papers, and have a TV section as well. They also provide news coverage on events related to the legal sphere in Armenia and around the world. What sets them apart is that they even have a comic section! Indulge in photojournalism for Armenian photo news

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Languages: English 

Founded by famous photojournalist Herbet Baghdasaryan, Photolure is the first private photo news agency in Armenia and cooperates with local and diasporan media outlets as well. They cover the most important Armenian current events through captivating professional documentary photography. Media about Armenia’s Media


Languages: English and Armenian

This is a helpful resource for those interested in the developments of Armenia’s media, and its impact on news outlets and freedom of speech. They cover the latest in the media industry and its impact on public interest topics.

A great platform for different forms of journalism offers a variety of sections that express critiques and viewpoints, as well as an ‘On the scene’ and ‘in the library’ section with more specific types of articles. They also have a podcast and cover political elections. For breaking news and variety


Languages: Armenian with some reports in English 

Ampop is yet another resource for staying informed on Armenia’s news and current events. They are unique in that they cover analyses in sections that many overlook. 

Don’t just stop at news 

Ampop also specializes on ‘Ecology’ and ‘Health’ news, which most Armenian news outlets do not. They also write about education and human rights, a nice change from the usual mainstream news. 

Razm: For military news and research


Languages: Armenian and Russian with few reports in English

If you are interested in the latest affairs with the Ministry of Defense or Armenia’s military activities, Razm is the most comprehensive media outlet. 

Staying in touch with the conflict 

As Armenian soldiers are stationed at the front lines in the Nagorno-Karabakh land dispute, Razm keeps you updated on the most recent news about this unfortunate reality. Different from most news outlets, Razm is still an extremely important platform for Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh.)

B24: Get the latest Armenian business news

Facebook || Youtube

Languages: Armenian, English and Russian 

If you’re interested in all-things business and finance through an Armenian perspective, then read B24 news. This agency specializes in articles about economy, finance and business in Armenia and the region, but you can also read about politics and society, and check out their blog! for crime news

Facebook || Youtube

Languages: Armenian

Shamshyan is a unique news outlet because it specializes in the latest Armenian crime news. They cover the biggest scandals with everything from accidents and fires to heists and all the biggest crimes and emergencies in Armenia. It might seem morbid, but someone has to report it, and Shamshyan is the one! 

Not just crime news

Shamshyan doesn’t just stop at crimes, they also cover news in Armenia and the entire Caucasus region. They even post world news, and have a sports and a science section, publish video reportage and more!

Ilur: Different Armenian news 


Languages: Armenian

Here you can find the latest on Armenian current events, but this site is unique for its special reports, coverage of the Amrnenian National Movement, and live coverage of political events. They also have world news and news for the Caucasus region. 


Diasporan-Armenian News You Should be Reading 

While Armenia has a plethora of incredible local news outlets, its prominent diaspora around the world also covers Armenian news and current events. Armenian-Turkish news 

Facebook || Twitter

Languages: Turkish, English and Armenian

Agos was created to serve the Armenians of Turkey, and to present issues that are often left unspoken. It is the first newspaper published in Turkish and Armenian and covers the problems faced by Armenians living in Turkey with themes related to the Armenian genocide, democratization, minority rights and more. It is a newspaper that aims to open new discourses in Turkey and the world. one of the first - News from Armenian Disapora 

Facebook || Twitter

Languages: English 

This newspaper belongs to the Armenian Revolutionary Federation which is a nationalistic and democratic socialist political party. Nevertheless, Armenian Weekly provides news and analyses that is predominantly relevant to the global diaspora. While Armenian Weekly is written in English, its counterpart Hairenik Weekly Newspaper is written in Armenian and is the longest-running diasporan-Armenian newspaper founded in New York in 1890. The first English language Armenian weekly in the U.S.


Languages: English 

Since 1932 the Mirror Spectator has been serving Armenian communities around the world with unbiased news and editorial articles. They cover politics, international news, arts and culture and even have a recipes section! Armenian news from California

Facebook page

Languages: English 

Since 1958, the California Courier served as an English-language weekly printed newspaper for diasporan Armenians who could not speak Armenian, but wanted to stay informed about their comeland and the rest of the diaspora. Now the Courier still provides news and a wide range of stories relevant to Armenia and the diaspora. 


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