Learn Persian through Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat Syllabus

This 3-week course is dedicated to one of the most prominent figures of Persian poetry, Omar ibn Ibrahim Khayyami of Neyshabur (1048-1131 AD). The aim of this course is to familiarize the poetry written by this great Iranian scholar and their language to those who are interested in Persian literature and culture. Thus aside from the literary aspect of the quatrains, we will also pay much attention to their linguistic structure, cultural background, and philosophical relevance. As this course is designed for a learner with at least an intermediate level of Persian, attention will be paid to enhancing the students' speaking skills via conversations and discussions in Persian. Hence, part of our time will be allocated to discussing the meaning of Khayyam’s quatrains in Persian.

Learn Persian through Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat
from Oct 09, 2023 to Oct 27, 2023
3 weeks

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Week 1 - The Language of Khayyam

In the first week of our course dedicated to Omar Khayyam and his poetry, we will focus mainly on the literary and linguistic aspects of the quatrains. We will start the first day with a brief introduction about the life of Khayyam, his scientific and literary legacy, the methods of selecting the authentic quatrains, and of course, the literary and linguistic background of this genre of literature. Each class will have reading and homework assignments designed to help students understand better the topics discussed in the classroom and the language.