Testimonial by Benjamin Khoo

Independent Researcher, Singapore

4, 6 or 8 weeks 2021 Online Persian Language School

I spent three very enjoyable weeks learning Persian online with Professor Vardan Voskanian. It was a well-structured course and I enjoyed the classes very much. 

I am thankful for the friendship and instruction of Professor Vardan Voskanian, who is always knowledgeable, kind and humorous. Even though it was all conducted via Zoom, it was a stimulating environment for discussing all things under the Persian sun and it was especially rewarding to learn from his infectious passion for etymology, poetry and language. 

Overall, this three-weeks course has been a great exposure to the Persian language and I benefitted very much from the broad range of topics covered, the many insightful conversations and the many detailed explorations and explanations. I also learned a lot from my peers, Max and Carson, who were wonderful students and very knowledgeable as well. I gained a deeper appreciation of the politics, arts, culture and history of Iran and my vocabulary is undoubtedly enriched. I warmly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to deepen his/her knowledge of the language. 

Finally, I am thankful to ASPIRANTUM for arranging this iteration despite the differences in time-zones. I believe this flexibility has made for many fruitful and interesting conversations across the world.

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Asael Benyami

MA student, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

“As a long time and advanced learner of Persian, I was highly impressed by the quality of the instruction and gained myself much from it.”

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Max Bledstein

PhD Candidate, University of New South Wales, Australia

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to develop their knowledge of Persian language and culture. Thank you very much for the amazing experience!”

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Shutong Liu

Graduate Student, University of Oxford, UK

“My language skills improved quickly over 3 weeks and I cannot wait to go to Armenia in person for future courses.”

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