Electrical sockets, plugs and voltage standards in Armenia

Jul 31, 2019 in Tips

If you are traveling to ASPIRANTUM language programs from foreign countries you might wonder what are the standards of sockets, plugs and voltage in Armenia. We prepared for you a guideline! Read what outlets are used in Armenia, and what extra converters you should get. 

Voltage standards in Armenia

Armenia runs with the standard voltage of 220-230 V, and 50 Hz frequency. If you come from places such as the UK, Europe, Australia and many countries in Asia and Africa, the standard that you use is 220-240 V. This is just fine and you don’t need to get any voltage converters. All manufactured devices are produced with a 20 V deviation, and there is nothing to worry about while plugging your laptop in Armenia! 

Unfortunately, if you are from South America, the US or Canada, where the standard voltage is in between 110-127 V, and if your devices do not support 220-230 V you have to purchase a voltage converter. It is a device that converts the electrical output of a power source.

Power plugs and sockets in Armenia

In Armenia there are two types of outlets: 

  • TYPE C - very common, known as “Euro” plug. It works with plugs E and F. 

  • TYPE F - so-called “Schuko”. It works with plug C and E. 

Check out the photos below and make sure you have proper plugs in your devices: 

Type C socket and plug
Type F socket and plug

What plug adapters to bring to Armenia? 

If you are traveling from countries that use a different type of sockets, you might have to purchase an adapter to be able to charge your devices. On Amazon, you can find plenty of producers selling adapters but make sure that you are getting a proper one! 


Also, it’s totally possible to get adapters in Yerevan, for instance in Yerevan City Market (5 Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan; 10 Tigran Mets Ave, Yerevan) or in SAS Market (31 Tumanyan St, Yerevan; 11/1 Arshakunyats Ave, Yerevan). One adapter costs around 1000-2000 AMD ($2-4). 

Plug adapter vs voltage converter

Please notice, that plug adapter and voltage converter are not the same things! You can buy them as separate devices, or a combined product. Before you get one for yourself, make sure that is suitable for Armenian power standards 220 V and plugs type C or E.

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