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Nov 16, 2019 in Russian Language

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Russian Language Summer School (4-8 weeks) course cover image

From Jul 07, 2024 to Aug 30, 2024

Yerevan, Armenia

There is no better way to learn the language than simply move to the country and surround yourself with native speakers. If you happen to move to Russia and want to learn the language or simply want to learn Russian in the place, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. 

Language schools cannot apply for visas on behalf of students. However, they all can supply you with all the documentation you need to support your visa application.

From summer schools, individual short programs to long-term studies - below we featured top language courses and schools in Russia, so dig in and find a perfect course for yourself!

Russian Immersion in Russia (seems this school is not working)

This program is a great solution if you don’t want to be stuck in one city, and learn Russian while discovering the country. The idea behind Immersion in Russia is to break the barriers between Russia and the students by creating an opportunity for all to immerse deeply into Russian culture through language, travel, and adventure.

In simple words, you travel all around Russia with a Russian language teacher! The program provides a unique company giving innovative ways to learn the language. The main focus is to learn Russian on the Trans-Siberian Railway to Baikal and even to Vladivostok, as well as cruises on the Volga. 

Enrollment and pricing: contact the team of Immersion in Russia

It seems this language school is no more active.

Russian Language Schools In Saint Petersburg 

Russian language courses in Saint-Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is one of the most inspiring cities in the world! It was founded by Peter the Great in 1703, and until today is the cultural capital of Russia.

Learning the Russian language in Saint Petersburg is a dream of many students, and fortunately, the city offers plenty of opportunities to do it! From beginner to advanced courses, summer and winter schools, university programs and standard lessons - whatever you need. Check out below the list of Russian language courses for foreigners in Saint Petersburg.

★ Educa Language School

Founded in 2003, Educa Language School has been one of the leading Language Schools in St. Petersburg, its students come from all over the world. Educa offers group classes, individual tuition, and online classes, on all levels and according to your needs including expatriate courses, business Russian, and Summer Campuses. 

Enrollment: You need to fill in the form
Pricing: Depends on how many weeks you want to study, and what type of program you want to take, check out price ranges here

Russian Language Summer School (4-8 weeks) course cover image

From Jul 07, 2024 to Aug 30, 2024

Yerevan, Armenia

 Russian Language Programs at St. Petersburg University

St. Petersburg University is one of the world’s biggest centres to provide teaching of Russian as a foreign language to international students. The courses are thought at the Russian Language and Culture Institute (SPbU). The programs are taught by qualified Russian language professors from the University. 

The center offers programs of study Russian which vary in their levels and duration including summer school, and individual learning. The standard program of the Russian language for foreigners supposes study in a group – 20 academic hours per week (1 academic hour = 45 minutes), the classes take place from Monday through Friday. 

Pricing: Contact [email protected] with your inquiry. 

★ iClass Education 

(It seems this language school has been closed. Once it is open again we will activate the links to it's website)

Language school that provides all sorts of language courses on 4 levels: A1 to B2. The standard course starts from 20 hours of Russian language classes per week. 

Students can choose courses with different intensity and tempo as well as the replete cultural programs, activities and tailor-made tours that will immerse them into the Russian culture and traditions.

Before you enroll, check out your level by taking the Russian language test.


★ ProBa Language Centre 

The school offers year-round Individual and Mini-Group Russian Courses in St. Petersburg, Courses at Teacher’s Home, Study and Work, and Volunteers programs, as well as Russian winter and summer schools. ProBa was established in 1995 and has developed a strong reputation for its friendly and personal atmosphere, together with its attention to high academic standards of Russian teaching. 

Enrollment: Apply online
Pricing: Starts from 420€ weekly fee. The price depends on your level, duration of the course and the group, check out the details here։ 

★ Zlatoust Language school

Zlatoust Language School has provided Russian Language Courses since 1990. The school offers general and special (business language) courses, certificate preparation, online courses, and programs for bilinguals and teachers. 

Before applying you may check your level of Russian with this test of Russian language

Enrollment: Fill out the online application form
Pricing: Starting from € 220, check out all prices here: 

★ Derzhavin Institute

The Derzhavin Institute provides a variety of Russian language programs in St. Petersburg, including long-term and short-term courses, group and individual tuition, variety of specialization modules, exam-preparatory course, TRKI exams, and internships. The programs are taught by qualified teachers and professors. The school provides lessons organized in only small groups with a maximum of 10 students per class.

Pricing: Starting from €130 weekly fee. 

Russian Language Summer School (4-8 weeks) course cover image

From Jul 07, 2024 to Aug 30, 2024

Yerevan, Armenia

★ Extra Class Language Center

The school was founded in 2002, and since then gained international recognition for its quality education. It provides individual and group classes from beginning to advanced courses. The daily lessons of 45 minutes take place according to students' needs.  

Enrollment: Check the Russian courses
Pricing: Starting from €219 weekly fee

★ Educacentre Language School

The center was established in 1989, and since then it has been providing high-quality Russian language courses to foreigners from all around the world. Educacentre offers a wide range of programs, starting from a standard group class, to individual classes, full immersion programs, exams preparation, courses for expats, and online classes. The school's courses cover all levels: from absolute beginners to advanced learners. 

Enrollment: Contact the school via online form 
Pricing: Starting from $140 weekly for group classes. 

★ European School Centre of The Russian Language (seems this school is now closed)

European School Centre has 20 years of experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language. The center is an independent language institution that provides students with the highest quality learning materials. Moreover, the school offers participants of their programs a wide variety of services such as University Placement Service, Internship programs, Guided tours around St. Petersburg and a wide range of entertainment and sports activities. The center organizes programs such as general language courses, business-oriented vocabulary, online classes, and courses for expats. 

Enrollment: Fill out the online application form
Pricing: Starting from €175 weekly for 20 hours of standard Russian course. 

★ College Study Abroad 

This summer program lasts 8 weeks (starts on June 15 and lasts till August 10, 2020), and it takes place in St. Petersburg. You can choose from beginner, intermediate, or advanced Russian language courses. During the program, you explore St. Petersburg with inspiring sites, intense coursework, homestays, and the help of Russian peers. Courses are taught in Russian at CIEE’s partner school, St. Petersburg State University, and complemented with co-curricular activities designed to increase intercultural understanding.

Enrollment: You have to create an account and apply directly on the website 
Pricing: $9,250 including housing. CIEE offers a huge range of scholarships and funds to support the participants, check out the scholarship opportunities of CIEE.

Learn Russian in Moscow Language Schools

Moscow city
Russian Language Summer School (4-8 weeks) course cover image

From Jul 07, 2024 to Aug 30, 2024

Yerevan, Armenia

Moscow, as the capital of Russia, is one of the most popular cities in the world to learn Russian! There are many reasons to visit and study in Moscow, from extensive history to an impressive culture to rich nightlife. Moscow has something for everyone’s taste!

Just like in St. Petersburg, Moscow is full of Russian language courses -  study programs, individual courses, season schools. Check out our list below, and find what fits you best! 

Institute of Russian Language and Culture, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University is the largest and oldest university in Moscow and Russia, founded in 1755 by the poet and scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. The school offers courses of Russian language on all levels, as well as special individual courses for Businessmen wishing to learn Russian for business purposes.

Courses provide at least 20 lessons per week to facilitate the immersion into the Russian language and culture. The groups are between 8 to 10 students, and two-week courses consist of 40 academic hours, while three-week courses consist of 60 academic hours. Classes are held in the mornings, between 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Enrollment: Visit the website to select the duration of your program, and apply online:
Pricing: Check the website. 

★ Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute offers a variety of Russian language courses including standard, advanced and summer schools. There are 18 special arrangements to select from, including “Start Speaking Russian” (beginners), “Business Russian” (level B1 and higher), and teacher courses. Each program lasts for four weeks with 18-24 academic hours per week. 

Pricing: $542-658, depending on the course (accommodation not included).

★ Higher School of Economics (HSE)

HSE offers standard, advanced and intensive summer language courses. The programs last from 4 weeks and can last for even a year, depending on students abilities and commitment.  

The summer courses provide 160 academic hours (20 hours per week), and the classes are ran from Monday through Thursday (10 a.m. – 3:50 p.m.). During the weekends students have an opportunity to take part in excursions around Moscow. Standard course provide with 8h per week. 

Pricing: $3,200 for eight weeks summer program. For information regarding other courses contact HSE. 

★ AMBergh Education

This language center offers a variety of courses: individual, group or mini-group lessons, as well as the opportunity to spend the whole semester in Russia. Individual classes are tailored to the student’s particular needs. Group classes consist of international students, with up to 12 people in each class. AMBergh can help with accommodations, transfers, and organizing excursions. 

The center in Moscow is the biggest one, but AMBergh has its departments in other Russian cities like Irkutsk, Kazan, and Saint Petersburg. 

Enrollment: Visit the website and contact the school after selecting the program. 
Pricing: Depends on the city, lever, and duration. Calculate the price here

★ Ruslanguage Russian Language School

Ruslanguage offers foreigners not only pure language classes, but also help them get a deeper understanding of the Russian culture.

Participants can choose between long-term course programs (12 weeks), a full academic year (32+ weeks) or group classes.

The long-term course program, also called the Russian Intensive Bonus program, means that students learn with a group of five to nine people and attend class four days a week with teachers from Moscow State University (MSU). The academic year-long program is for advanced students who will then attend Russian universities or work in Russia.

Pricing: Starting from 60 € weekly for 6h evening classes, and 168 € for a week for the intensive course. 

★ CREF Moscow 

CREF has provided the best solution for foreigners willing to learn Russian in Russia, in Moscow since 1995, and each year they welcome students from all over the world. The school creates and uses its own learning materials and books. School offers group and individual courses on all levels. 

Enrollment: To enroll contact [email protected]
Pricing: Starts from 250 euro for a week. 

★ CESA Languages Abroad

The school offers a wide range of Russian language course options; suitable for business or academic needs and the school is at its busiest in the University summer holidays. Private courses last at least 1 week, and group at least 2 weeks. The school provides TRKI exam preparation. CESA has also its department in St. Petersburg. 

Enrollment: Fill out the online application
Pricing: Received after enrollment. 

★ Russian Language and Pre-University Training Centre, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

In 1960, Russian language studies for international students started at the preparatory faculty. Russian Language Department trains international students in natural science and engineering disciplines, as well as disciplines at the Agrarian-Technological Institute in the Russian Language on levels A1, A2, B1, Phonetics, and Scientific Language. The training program is aimed at developing skills and abilities that enable international students to not only successfully solve communicative tasks in everyday life, but also master the learning material at all stages of training at the University. Particular focus is laid on learning the Russian language to master future specialty.

Enrollment: Visit the website to enroll. 
Pricing: The price depends on your nationality, age, and duration of the program.

★ Itec Language School 

The school is one of the main language training providers in Moscow and all over Russia with over 2000 students each year! Foreigners are welcome to enjoy a huge choice of Russian as a Foreign Language courses ranging from regular individual classes to full immersion programs which combine intensive training with an opportunity to experience Russian culture and way of life. Any of the courses can be enhanced with a specially designed leisure program or travel around Russia. 

Enrollment: Contact [email protected] to sign in. 
Pricing: Starting from 450 RUB for a group class, and 1700 RUB for an individual lesson. Check out the price list of Itec language school

★ Lingua-Seasons Language Center

Lingua – Seasons school is relatively new but it is composed of experienced teachers whose aim is to grant quality before quantity for those who are dedicated to learn Russian. The school offers a one-week crash-course for newcomers to Moscow (Russian Survival). Moreover in the offer students can find individual and group courses. 

Enrollment: Write an email to: [email protected]
Pricing: From 250 euro per week for a general 20 hours per week group course up to 1800€ intensive 9 days long individual course. 

Russian Language Summer School (4-8 weeks) course cover image

From Jul 07, 2024 to Aug 30, 2024

Yerevan, Armenia

Russian Language Schools In Irkutsk 

Russian in Irkutsk
Russian Language Summer School (4-8 weeks) course cover image

From Jul 07, 2024 to Aug 30, 2024

Yerevan, Armenia

Irkutsk was founded in 1661, and it was a political, economic and cultural center of Siberia. Right on the Baikal Lake shore, surrounded by nature, beautiful Russian Orthodox churches Irkutsk is a great place to learn Russian. Irkutsk is the perfect city for people who want to get immersed in the real-life and history of Russia by living an exceptional nature experience.

★ Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages 

The award-winning Russian language school has its departments not only in Irkutsk but also in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk, and Riga offer you the best possible learning environment to master this beautiful language. All the teachers are native speakers and hold a university degree either in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (RKI) or Linguistics. Liden & Denz offer many different courses on all levels. 

Enrollment: Book via the online form
Pricing: Starting from € 235 per week. 

★ Russian on Baikal

The Russian on Baikal language school for foreigners in the city of Irkutsk offers high-level education programs and a multitude of diverse and effective learning methodologies.  During the training, to internalize the language, the school offers additionally cultural and travel programs. They are offering language training in groups and individually, on all levels including summer camps by Baikal Lake. 

Enrollment: Fill out the online application
Pricing: You can see the prices of Russian on Baikal.

★ Irkutsk University Preparatory Faculty Russian Language Courses

The Preparatory Faculty allows foreign students to take Russian language classes before starting the full university experience.

The program of improving the knowledge of the Russian language (Russian as a foreign language) is conducted according to the levels: elementary (A1), basic (A2), I certification (B1), II certification (B2).

Duration of training: from 2 to 10 months (8-38 weeks).

During the school year, there are special courses that allows for full immersion: “Russian World”, “Russia Today”, “Language of Business Communication”, “History of Russia and Russian Literature”, “World of Russian Cinema”, “ Phonetics and Russian Poetry”, “World of Russian Culture”.

For more information contact: Specialist in MDR, Khomyakova Irina Valentinovna, e-mail: [email protected]

★ Baikal educational center "Esperanto"

With over 25 years of experience in teaching, this school offers a huge range of different types of programs for foreigners who want to learn Russian. All courses are accompanied by a rich cultural and sports program.  

Enrollment: Contact the school
Pricing: Starting from 400 RUB for one lesson, check the whole price list

Russian Language Schools in Petrozavodsk

Russian in Petrozavodsk

★ Enjoy Russian Language School in Petrozavodsk

The “Enjoy Russian” language school in Petrozavodsk offers an opportunity to immerse into the Russian language and culture through summer camps and standard courses by learning in a group or individually for 2, 4, 6 or 12 weeks.

Besides being trained by high-class Russian language teachers, students sightsee, practice Russian in real-life situations with native speakers, live with a Russian host family, participate in different exciting activities and events, and travel all over the country. 

Pricing: Starting from €160 weekly for a group course. 

★ Russian Language Courses of Petrozavodsk State University

The Russian language courses at Petrozavodsk State University focus on improving Russian grammar and conversation skills. For those of you who need to see results quickly, the university recommends taking one-to-one lessons. On top of the Russian course, students are encouraged to take free additional courses on topics such as Russian literature, culture, and history. Russian Language courses are conducted 5 days a week, Monday-Friday. The recommended intensity of lessons is 4 academic hours a day, or 20 hours a week.

Website: and 
Enrollment: Visit the website and contact the school directly. 
Prices: Starting from $215 weekly fees. 

Russian Language Schools In Novosibirsk 

Russian in Novosibirsk

★ Russian School at Novosibirsk University 

The University organizes both summer and general courses of the Russian language. Classes are taught in small groups (3-8 students), and the intensive program includes 20 academic hours per week (5 days from Monday till Friday). The course includes education and cultural program, and students receive a certificate indicating the number of credits (ECTS) at the end of the course.

Enrollment: You need to register for a course three months before the course starts, apply on the website.
Pricing: From 2 weeks course for 320€ up to 12 weeks course for 1440€.

★ Russian Courses at Novosibirsk State Technical University

The school offers such programs as Russian for beginners, advanced courses, programs for teachers, in groups and as individual training. The university also organizes summer courses that last 4 weeks between June and August. All teachers are the staff of the Russian Language Department at Novosibirsk State Technical University. Moreover, programs include cultural activities and excursions. 

Enrollment: Contact [email protected] 
Pricing: Starting from  $5 per 1 hour for training in group and $8 per 1 hour for individual training.

★ Exlinguo

School opened in 2009 and since then it has provided the highest quality education to hundreds of international students. The school has its department also in St. Petersburg but the Novosibirsk offer is financially and culturally more friendly. The program provides personalized learning materials, and classes are run in groups of max. 4 participants, of 20 lessons of 45 min each per week. 

Enrollment: Fill out the online application.
Pricing: Starting from €370 weekly fees. 

Russian Language Schools In Nizhny Novgorod

Russian in Nizhniy Novgorod

★ Lobachevsky University

The Russian language program at Lobachevsky University includes 20 weekly lessos with lectures taught in English and Russian. The school provides opportunities to learn about Russian history, culture, and social habits throughout excursions. Workshops involve interactive games and discussions. 

Enrollment: Fill out the online application
Pricing: $542 for three weeks program. 

★ Russian at HSE Nizhny Novgorod

The University organizes Russian language courses for foreigners planning to study in Russia. Most of them are offered by request, so if you decide to move to Nizhny Novgorod, and study there, make sure to notice school in advance. 

In the offer are programs such as Russian as a foreign language at all levels, Russian studies: culture and history, Contemporary Russia: economy, business culture, government and politics, adaptation courses and training. The HSE-Nizhny Novgorod also holds Summer Language Schools for international students in May-June and July

Enrollment: Contact International Programs Coordinator — Anastasia Tsvetkova via [email protected] 
Pricing: Contact school for details regarding the price for standard courses and Russian summer school costs (1700 euro). 

★ Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod

University organizes Russian Language Courses, Summer & Winter Schools, Pre-University Preparatory Courses, TORFL Exam, Continuing Education for Teachers of Russian, Online Courses. The curses are run on various periods of study, from 3 weeks to 1 academic year. 

All programs are taught by well-qualified professors with years of experience providing excellent training and use both traditionally effective and innovative teaching methods and materials.

Pricing & Enrollment: For more information on the cost of the courses please contact us at [email protected] 

★ Russian Language House in Nizhny Novgorod

(It seems this language school has been closed. Once it is open again we will activate the links to it's website)

This Institut specializes in Russian Language courses, University Foundation and Pre-Masters, covering an extensive range of Russian language course options such as general, intensive, business, and summer courses. During the courses, students are supervised by experienced and certificated teachers, and offered trips and excursions. 

Enrollment: Book via the website
Pricing: Starting from €287 for 15 hours a week. 

Russian Language Classes in Russian Federation - Other Cities

Learn Russian in other cities of Russia
Russian Language Summer School (4-8 weeks) course cover image

From Jul 07, 2024 to Aug 30, 2024

Yerevan, Armenia

★ Ural Federal University Russian Language School, Yekaterinburg

Russian as a foreign language is a comprehensive study program aimed at developing communicative proficiency and competency in the Russian language and Russian culture. Methodological support for this program is drawing on the abundance of expertise and material, accumulated in the Ural Federal University for over 20 years of working with foreign students.

The university organizes support for international students of different study fields with courses such as Russian for Engineering Students, Russian for Students of Natural Science, Russian for Students of Medicine, Russian for Students of Humanities and Arts, Russian for Students of Economics. 

Apart from training, the students have an opportunity to get involved in exciting extracurricular activities, including sightseeing, visiting theaters and concerts, participation in city quests, national festivals, and others. 

Pricing: For further information regarding available programs and tuition fees, please visit or contact Ms. Alina Lozovskaya [email protected] 

★ Russian as a Foreign Language Program at Tomsk State University

The Tomsk State University offers undergraduate, master's and postgraduate courses of "Russian as a Foreign Language”, short courses of Russian language for international students such as summer and winter schools, and Testing in Russian as a foreign language. 

Classes are taught by Russian language teachers of the Department, who have special training and considerable experience in working with international students.

Pricing and Enrollment: For summer and Winter schools contact [email protected], and for other courses [email protected]

★ Russian Language Courses at Tomsk Polytechnic University

The university offers a wide range of Russian language courses from short-term intensive Russian language courses on elementary to advanced levels, to the Russian Language for Mobility for international students who want to study or joint master's programs and programs of academic mobility, to the long-term Russian language courses for those want to get Russian Language State Certificate. 


★ Russian Language Training Programs at Omsk State Pedagogical University (seems this program is no more active)

The University organizes opportunities for international students to study the Russian language and explore Russian culture. Since 2005 when the institute was founded hundreds of students were provided with a high-quality education. 

Russian Language Training Programs include individual and group courses and are available in various periods from 1 month to 1 year. An individual course is set up according to the students’ knowledge of the Russian language. 


★ Russian Language Preparation Programs for International Students, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk

The University organizes Summer camps for foreigners that contain 160 hours of lessons. Long-term Russian classes are also available. The program aims to build and develop Russian Language competence including fluency and efficiency in conversation, recognition spoken Russian, understanding reading content, strengthening pronunciation abilities, developing grammar skills. Participants have 10 classes each week and take part in immersion activities. 

Pricing and Enrollment: Contact SibFU by the e-mail [email protected] 

★ My Russian School in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk

My Russian School in Siberia uses an approach based on language and cultural immersion. It includes the language course, the accommodation in Russian-native host family, daily cultural and sightseeing tours, and weekend excursions around Siberia. Teachers keep an individual approach to every student, as there are only 2-4 students in each group. Moreover, they use the most effective educational materials (audio, video, online resources), games, presentations.

Enrollment: Contact the school to enroll
Pricing: 270 euro for a week of a group program, and 370 euro for a week of an individual course.

★ Russian Language Course, Baikal Camp, Olkhon Island

(It seems this language school has been closed. Once it is open again we will activate the links to it's website)

The course of the Russian language in International camp on Lake Baikal aims to get basic speaking skills and understand the Russian alphabet Experienced tutors guide participants in the learning process and present all the necessary rules and gramma in a comprehensible way. School engages native-speaking volunteers to practice speaking skills with participants. 

Enrollment: Book a place via the online application
Pricing: The cost of one day of participation is $20 (food, accommodation, activities included).

★ Russian Language Program, Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service

The VSUES offers beginners to advanced courses of Russian language and culture. The program is run in small groups and is taught by qualified university professors. 

Enrollment: fill in the application form available on the website and send it to the school coordinator at [email protected]
Pricing: 65000 RUB per semester.

Russian Language and Culture Course, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok

The curriculum covers the following aspects of the language: Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. In addition to the basic language disciplines, students are offered special courses to choose from, depending on their level of proficiency in Russian. The minimum number of students in a group is 10 persons.

All the academic programs of the Center are drawn up in accordance with the level of students' knowledge. We distinguish the following six levels: Elementary Level, Basic Level, First Certification Level, Second Level Certificate, Third Level and Fourth Level Certificates.

Prior knowledge of the Russian language is not required. Specially designed programs ensure training from zero level.

Contact Information:
Phone: +7 924 424 9464 (Monday–Friday, 09:00–17:00 VLAT)
e-mail: [email protected]

★ PRIVET! - a School of the Russian Language in Kaliningrad, Russia

Language School Privet! gives a perfect blend of high-level assistance, and individual attention. The school specializes in making customized arrangements to satisfy students' needs, as well as provide all necessary information about Kaliningrad, and organize trips around the city. The teachers are professionals with experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language. The school offers programs such as group, individual, and season courses.

Enrollment: Contact the school for details.
Pricing: Starting from €220 per week (20 hours of tuition), and € 1260 for 3 weeks of Summer School. 


My Russian belongs to Ziegler & Partner GmbH that organizes Russian language courses and collaborates with universities and language schools in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Odessa, Kyiv, Irkutsk, and Vladivostok.

In all of these locations, My Russian offers a wide range of courses including Russian in business and teaching programs, exams preparation; beginning, and advanced levels, as well as online, individual, and group classes, university and summer courses in long and short terms. 

Enrollment: Fill out the online application
Pricing: The fee depends on the location and the program you choose. 

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